Getting a VR MANICURE?! (Beauty Trippin)

Getting a VR MANICURE?! (Beauty Trippin)

We get transported to a euphoric forest and cascading waterfall for the most immersive manicure ever!
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28 thoughts on “Getting a VR MANICURE?! (Beauty Trippin)”

  1. 2:48 He is freaking the nail lady the fuck out. Poor girl

    P.S. "an emoji in real life"? I believe thats called an emotion bud

    P.P.S. Dude is bumming me out man. Talking about the end of society and seagulls being stuck in plastic bags. Way to depress me Jared

  2. I know video came out long ago but just as a side note. some hospitals use VR for children who are extremely fearful of needles when an IV needs to be placed. studies showed the kids didnt even feel it with the VR on lol

  3. At 2:162:42 when Jaareet says "Maybe in the future instead of being transported to some paradise you just be transported the nail salon because we will all live in these tiny little boxes and be so isolated and alone on the internet all day you'll just crave the experience of going to a salon, somewhere in public". The Bellacure worker "probably". Sinade "your literally giving me gray hairs, like I can't even think about it's that terrifying". Us in 2020 while in a pandemic be like…

  4. OMG watching this right after I got out of quarantine and literally at min 2:30 I swear he can see the future. people would pay good money to feel like they were out in public again with no restrictions.

  5. I shouldn’t even be typing this but I’m annoyed and hoping anyone else who watches/reads this is able to learn something. I’m mostly annoyed with this girl saying, “Wailea Beach on the North Shore of Kauai”…. UGH absolutely WRONG!!!! She spoke it sooo confidently too!

    1. Wailea is an area on the island of Maui. Definitely not on Kauai. And definitely not a beach…..
    2. Since this nail company is stating Wailea is a beach, I’ll just go with that whole “Wailea Beach” thing. However it’s actually located on the South/South East side of the island, again on Maui. Not exactly sure why she/they decided to with “on the North Shore!”
    3. The island most known for coffee is actually the Big Island. Definitely not Kauai or Maui. All sorts of wrong information being given to people.

    And just in case anyone else sees this and wants to possibly come for me, don’t. XOXO from a Maui girl who now lives on Oahu❣️

  6. Watching this in 2021, all I can think is that he had no idea how right he was about people craving going out to normal places, doing normal things, and being around PEOPLE. That really is the dream these days. 😂🥲

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