Gary Delaney Second Special [FULL SHOW] Comedy Club Classics 2014-2017

Gary Delaney Second Special [FULL SHOW] Comedy Club Classics 2014-2017

Gary in Punderland tour:
Also here’s my first special ?

This is my second special. Up until today this was only available as a free download for people who joined my mailing list. This youtube version has proper subtitles available as an option for those who want them, rather than burned in or trashy auto-generated ones. I toured this show as There’s Something about Gary in 2014-17 and about half the jokes were used in various TV spots I recorded around then or shortly after, mostly Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo.

I’m on tour now with my fourth tour ‘Gary in Punderland’. Tickets are here Each new tour is all new jokes. This tour is all jokes I wrote during lockdown.

This show and my first special Comedy Comedy Classics 2000-2013 (see the playlists for this) were both recorded on the same night @Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool in June 2019 . That’s a lot of material in one night, hence all the weird conspiracy theories from people who see that there’s the same people in the audience in different clips and think I bus round actors or whatever.

These first two tours are basically the shows that I hammered the jokes from for my 18 Mock the Week and 2 Live at the Apollo appearances plus a few other TV odds and sods, although there’s also a decent amount of stuff that was never on the telly, and there’s also edits available of just the stuff that wasn’t on the telly if you look in the playlists.

I’ve got a joke book out called Gary in Punderland. It’s got 1000 jokes in it. Which is basically all the jokes from my first two tours, some older stuff from club sets and lots of other stuff I never used live.

I’m also on Twitter @GaryDelaney , Instagram @GaryDelaneyComedian , Tik Tok @GaryDelaneyComedian Facebook @GaryDelaneyComedian and and I post a joke a day on those pretty much all the time plus shorter videos etc

That’ll do, come to a show if you like this sort of thing.



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  1. Funny exhausting and you must focus! Else you miss stuff thank goodness for YT as I can sneak back and try/play it again. Funny Exhausting and Focus were the UKs attempt at the 3 stooges! Boom Boom!

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