Game Theory: Are SMITE's Goddesses TOO SEXY?

Game Theory: Are SMITE's Goddesses TOO SEXY?

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SMITE is a MOBA with fast-paced action, terrific game modes, and well-endowed goddesses. In fact, the character designs of Kali, a Hindu goddess, got the game in trouble in 2012, forcing the designs of multiple characters to change. But were the developers of the game in the wrong? Does SMITE porn-ify its characters? We find out today!

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32 thoughts on “Game Theory: Are SMITE's Goddesses TOO SEXY?”

  1. The reason's why Jesus should never be added, is because there should be no express image of him, lest the image be worshipped and not God as a whole.

    Same for Muslims with Muhammad I would suppose.

    Also, because Jesus as a character wouldn't have any attacks, and all his enemies would be at peace with him.

    Unless you specifically take from before his death and resurrection, in which it was his purpose to serve and die to take away the sin of the world.

    If you mean after tribulation/rapture then it would be that the judgement of God would be upon the face of the earth, so all enemies would be wiped out.

    Which would make Jesus over powered, tye moment he respawned the game would end and what ever side had Jesus would be declared the winner

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