f(x) "Electric Shock"

f(x) “Electric Shock”

We talk about f(x)’s Electric Shock, the flawless awesomeness of the song, and the overwhelming boringness of the video. The song is as awesome as the video is boring.

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36 thoughts on “f(x) “Electric Shock””

  1. when i got into kpop… the first videos i watched were oddly lit rooms. the first kpop song and video i actually listened to and watched was shinee's lucifer which is really mainly just in strange rooms and nothing too exciting is going on besides the dancing and i was all "OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVARRRRR" 

  2. Thanks for doing a whole video (mostly) on f(x)!  I'm really glad you liked it, as did I. Too funny, you're right about the clothing and accessories. But the box sets they build are really expensive, and putting up all the fancy lights that move and do weird shit, like wow. How can you say they're boring?
    …As for your English captioning, it's REALLY BAD, i kept seeing hilariously distorted words and phrases, it's actually another funny element of the EYK video 🙂 Who does it? I'm curious; a hearing-impaired person? An ESL person? Are they half asleep or on drugs? Seriously, watch it sometime; it SUCKS. Just sayin'.

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