Furmenist Agenda Fallacy?

Furmenist Agenda Fallacy?

Hopper: "Hey Lilac! Did you watch the Grammys?"
Lilac: "No, Hopper."
Hopper: "Me neither! Know why we fur piles didn’t? Actually couldn’t?
Fuwari-Retasu: "Of course none of us saw the Grammy awards on TV last night, because Shiroi has not gotten broadcast TV since a couple of years before his mother died. There was some new digital box requirement and Shiroi’s mother needed more help and had less TV interest, so Shiroi figured to heck in a handbasket with it. The TV stations I mean."
Hopper: "That’s right. Anyway, Shiroi is too busy trying to catch up on his DVDs and VHS tapes! But that’s OK, I’d rather see the Gramdaddies!"
Lilac: "That joke attempt does not quite fit, Hopper."
Hopper: "But these articles we can read about the Grammys fit between us! All you Canadians out there, we don’t have any Junos articles. Sorry! Are your Juno awards even on the same day?"
Fuwari-Retasu: "Where’s Pawls?"
Hopper: "He rode away on Camoulfurge for his bunny break. But it’s OK, as you female bunnies are appropriate for some timely commentary!"
Lilac: "Do tell, Hopper."
Hopper: "Shiroi is an ardent feminist. Among his feminist stands were that he bought a pink cap today that says ‘feminist’! But guess what. Perpetrators and enablers of sexism don’t like when someone tries to stir things up and isn’t being a ‘team player’ when that person tries to take an ethical stance. And the backlashers never admit that is the reason."
Fuwari-Reasu: "I’d think most of the modern feminist movement that emerged more last year would agree with that, Hopper."
Hopper: "Next month makes it five years since Shiroi got one of his worst backlashes ever about his efforts to defend women’s and girls’ rights. And these articles relate some to it."
Lilac: "Are you going to name names, Hopper?"
Hopper: "Oh heck. Well, I am speaking for Shiroi here and I don’t want to wrack my bunnybrain about if naming names might be going too far in terms of public disparaging of non-famous public figures, even though most or all viewers won’t know the names. I’ll use initials. And I’ll be careful of bad words. The meanings will still get across."
Fuwari-Retasu: "We’re all ears, Hopper."
Hopper: "Firstly, last year marked 20 years since Shiroi was fired from his dream radio career, in what a legal attorney agreed with him was illegal retaliation for his protesting others’ repeated harassment of women there! Long story, but people can ask Shiroi anything they want to. Then the same kind of thing happened five years ago!"
Lilac: "Uh-oh. Then last night, Shiroi got kicked out of the Grammys party?"
Hopper: "Noooo, Lilaaaac. I’m getting to the Grammys connection. One of the problems Shiroi noticed and accidentally overheard at his R.M. music store job five years ago was: one of the shift managers R.C. sometimes swore at one of the younger female employees. Like ‘What the f-word is wrong with you, T.?’ Except he actually said the f-word. Shiroi and I think that is wrong, even if the younger female employee sometimes used, er. colourful language herself. Shiroi never noticed or heard her use it at that shift manager."
Fuwari-Retasu: "I think that was wrong of him, too, Hopper."
Hopper: "Also, R.C. kept playing a couple of rap albums over and over with lyrics that glorified stuff like crude sexual violence and other immature and / or dangerous or otherwise sexist stuff!"
Lilac: "Like who?"
Hopper: "Uuuuuuuuh…oh heck. They’re biggish and big names, they can take it and they asked for it in a way. I mean I’ll say who they were. At least what they call themselves. One was an rapper called 2 Chainz. His debut album came with a ‘parental advisory explicit content’ label on it. He sang, I mean rapped a birthday song that was not as innocent as ‘Happy Birthday’!"
Fuwari-Retasu: "I assume you mean far from it?"
Hopper: "Well, it included him rapping many many times, ‘All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho.’ He also rapped he wants to be buried with two b-words, and did swearing stuff then, too!"
Lilac: "A true gentleman."
Fuwari-Retasu: "Were these swear words actually played in the store for all the customers to hear, Hopper?"
Hopper: "The worst swear words are supposed to be bleeped out, like from ‘clean’ versions of rappy hip hop stuff… or not played at all. But many times that rule was broken and not always accidentally. With the two albums with explicit stuff that R.C. programmed and played over and over, the rap words were still figure outable. Another song R.C. loved to play when women were working or shopping was "I Love Dem Strippers," where he declares that a whole buncha times! Plus he uses the naughty a-word, b-word, f-word, h-word, m-f word, n-word and s-word! Sometimes multiple times! And sometimes Shiroi would hear this and the other album with raunch twice a shift!"
Lilac: "Sounds really despicable, Hopper. What was the other album?"
Hopper: "A second album, this one by Kendrick Lamar, even more famous, who just won rap album of the year at the Grammys, for his latest album, which is named the four letter D swear word! Plus five trophies! It says here!"
Fuwari-Retasu: "Didn’t the Grammy committee used to be ultra-conservative or something?"
Hopper: "At the R.M. store, R.C, loved to play on the store system especially the Kendrick Lamar song titled "B-word Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and the song ‘Backseat Freestyle’ with the lyrics including these I quote exactly except saying "word" after a letter of a bad word:"

"Martin had a dream
Martin had a dream
Kendrick have a dream
All my life I want money and power
Respect my mind or die from lead shower
I pray my d-word get big as the Eiffel Tower
So I can f-word the world for seventy two hours
God d-word I feel amazing, d-word I’m in the matrix
My mind is living on cloud nine and this nine is never on vacation
Start up that Maserati and VROOM VROOM! I’m racing
Poppin’ pills in the lobby and I pray they don’t find her naked
And I pray you n-words is Satan, shooters go after Judas
Jesus Christ if I live life on my knees, ain’t no need to do this
Park it in front of Lueders, next to that Church’s Chicken
All you p-words is losers, all my n-words is winners, screaming
All my life I want money and power
Respect my mind or die from lead shower
I pray my d-word get big as the Eiffel Tower
So I can f-word the world for 72 hours
God d-word I got b-words (okay!) d-word I got b-words (okay!)
D-word I got b-words, wifey, girlfriend and mistress
All my life I want money and power
Respect my mind or die from lead showers
I’ve got twenty five lighters on my dresser, yes sir
Put fire to that a-word, body cast on a stretcher
And her body got that a-word that a ruler couldn’t measure
And it make me c-word fast but I never get embarrassed
And I recognize you have what I’ve been wanting since that record
That Adina Howard had pop it fast to impress her
She rollin’ I’m holding my scrotum imposing
This voice here is golden so f-word y’all I goes in and
All my life I want money and power
Respect my mind or die from lead shower
I pray my d-word get big as the Eiffel Tower
So I can f-word the world for seventy two hours
D-word I got b-words, d-word I got b-words
D-word I got bi-words, wifey, girlfriend and mistress
All my life I want money and power
Respect my mind or n-word
It’s go time
I roll in dough with a good grind
And I run at ho with a baton
That’s a relay race with a bouquet
They say, "K, you goin’ marry mines?"
Beeotch! (no way) Beeotch! (no way)
Beeotch! (no way) Beeotch!
Okay, I’m never living life confined
It’s a failure even if I’m blind
I can tell ya who what when where how
To sell ya game right on time
Beeotch! (go play) Beeotch! (go play)
Beeotch! (go play) Beeotch!
I look like OJ, killing everything from p-word to a mother f-word Hit-Boy beat
She p-word poppin’ and I got options like an audible, I be
C-O-M-P-T-O-N, I win then ball at your defeat
C-O-M-P-T-O-N, my city mobbin’ in the street, yellin’
All my life I want money and power
Respect my mind or die from lead shower
I pray my d-word get big as the Eiffel Tower
So I can f-word the world for seventy two hours
God d-word I got b-words (okay!) d-word I got b-words (okay!)
D-word I got b-words, wifey, girlfriend and mistress
All my life I want money and power
Respect my mind or die from lead showers…"

Lilac: "Hopper, that stuff makes me feel sick. For reasons you indicate, plus Kendrick Lamar seemed to be putting himself up on a level of Martin Luther King. I feel bad for any customers who may have experienced domestic violence in their personal lives and may have had painful memories of it brought back by some of those type of lyrics that were played many times."
Hopper: "Now you see what Shiroi and I meant about how those repeated rap songs glorified sexual violence. Other songs from him did, too! But Kendrick Lamar is considered by many to be the best current rapper rapping!"
Fuwari-Retasu: "What was the reaction from others at the store when Shiroi complained, Hopper?"
Hopper: "Well, after Shiroi noticed and heard the shift manager R.C. try to tease female employees about the songs, saying things like ‘You know what’s coming up next, right?’ and talking about why he loved the songs, cueing up specifically to those songs and so on, Shiroi felt he had to do something! So after R.C. closed the store for the night,with the still teen female employee he’d sworn at, Shiroi asked if he could talk to R.C. after T.D. had gone. But R.C. said he wanted T.D. to hear it, too. So Shiroi asked if the 2Chainz and Kendrick Lamar albums could be dropped from the in-store playstock. R.C. asked why. Shiroi said, ‘because they glorify sexual violence…" and recited some words, once noticing T.D. winced. Shiroi was nervous, almost in tears, while R.C. acted cool, calm and collected, responding smarmily that it was ‘just sex’ and acting like nothing was wrong. This R.C. guy loved the now disgraced sexual harasser raunchy comic Louis CK and imitated his comic routines in a club competition. Back to the R.M. store incidents…"
Lilac: "He didn’t apologize to any female employees? Or to Shiroi?"
Hopper: ‘No, Shiroi apologized to him! Even though Shiroi always felt he was right; he just feels guilty many times when he speaks his mind or if acts angry while trying to make an ethical point."
Fuwari-Retasu: "What kind of feedback did Shiroi get from the female employees about his concerns?"
Hopper: "Actually, no support at all!"
Lilac: "What in the world? That does not sound like the mentally that spawned the feminist me-too movement we’ve been reading about the past year."
Hopper: "Shiroi doesn’t get it,either! He wrote about his concerns to female shift manager A.H.. He wanted her to understand how he felt, to stop playing those two albums, and did not think she’d pass his essay of concern on to others. But she passed it on to a higher rank lady S.L. who also read it and smarmily asked Shiroi how about if they just don’t play it when he’ll be working. But Shiroi said that misses the point; it’s not about him being uncomfortable personally as much as his not wanting females in the store to have to hear it anymore. But A.H. told Shiroi she asked every female worker in the store what they thought of those 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar songs and that they all thought they were fine."
Fuwari-Retasu: "They thought the profane violent sex songs were OK why?"
Hopper: "A. didn’t say!"
Lilac: "Plus, Shiroi actually got fired about this?"
Hopper: "Fired up and then just fired! I continue chronologically. S.L. urged Shiroi to tell the human resources lady G.M. of his concerns."
Fuwari-Retasu: "So S.L. stated actually caring?"
Hopper: "Actually, Shiroi thinks it was just a set-up. Shiroi had a really negative feeling about calling G.M. but he did anyway since S.L. said to, S.L. had shown G.M. his feminist essay of concern and G.M. was not receptive. She asked Shiroi stuff about what as actually said, which he’d already put in the essay. Then she said that Kendrick Lamar rapper is going to be on Saturday Night Live. Shiroi thought, ‘So what? Ethics and manners should go out the window just because someone was invited onto a TV show?’ But Shiroi did not say that in response. Shiroi was very polite to G.M. But! Unbeknownst to Shiroi, K.S., the owner of the whole R.M. music store chain, was in the room listening. So all of a sudden Shiroi hears in the background K.S.’s griping getting louder. Then K.S. took the phone from G.M. and, using Shiroi’s real name Bob, said, "Baaaaaawb? This is K. I’ll talk to you about F-WORDING Kendrick, and F-WORDING Lamar. OK? BAAAAAHYE.’ And he hung up on Shiroi."
Lilac: "Yipes!!"
Fuwari-Retasu: "What did K.S. mean by ‘and’? He thought Kendrick Lamar was two people?"
Hopper: "Furthermore, K.S. never did have that talk with Shiroi about Kendrick Lamar that he said he’d have! But he had Kendrick Lamar visit the headquarters store to rap songs after he made S.L. fire Shiroi! But back to the chronology. Shiroi thought of calling back, but figured he’d just get more verbal abuse. Shiroi was tired from a long workday, but he drove back to the store to talk to A.H. the lady shift manager about what happened. Shiroi had to wait about half an hour standing there doing nothing, getting annoyed looks from a different male employee D. who thinks naughty rap is great. Finally Shiroi told A.H. what owner K.S. did to him on the phone, but A.H. said nothing much except that she just wants things to get back to normal. Around this time Shiroi complained about the labels from porn DVDs taped to the register by someone who thought ‘Nude Bootys A-Poppin’,’ ‘Bootys On Duty’ and one other similar phrase was funny for female cashiers to have to look at while they worked. A.H. said she wouldn’t remove them, but S.L. did. R.C. acted coldly to Shiroi at work from then on. A few weeks later, K.S. visited the store and taunted Shiroi! Even though there is a sign in the bathroom with G.M.’s face saying harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. But K.S. the owner of the whole company did and everyone tolerated it!"
Lilac: "What did K.S. do this time?"
Hopper: "Shiroi was neatening the racks before closing time, doing what they call pushback, unstuffing, making the rows flippable not floppable. K.S. visited the store. At that time the store wasn’t playing hip hop rap. It was playing some kind of sloppy stupid screamo sludge. There is actually a music genre ‘screamo’ in the store chain. It is plodding angsty alt-grunge type stuff with wailing groaning lyrics like ‘And I can’t escape the taste of my own tongue.’ Anyway, K.S. remembered Shiroi’s concerns, still not caring. So K.S. tried to mess with Shiroi’s mind, to amuse himself. K.S. said, ‘Hey Bob, tell them to turn that rap crap off.’ Shiroi looked up, saying in a confused tone like, "Uh…turn that…" Then Shiroi thought, ‘Huh? This isn’t rap. Why did he…’ Then Shiroi saw K.S. chortling and guffawing at him. Therefore it was a taunt, therefore harassment. Shiroi thinks K.S. was already planning to have Shiroi fired around the time Shiroi complained, but just waited a few months to make it harder for Shiroi to prove that was the reason. Plus! K.S. acted as if Shiroi was a racist who is anti-rap in general! But Shiroi is very pro-black rights, bought a lots of soul, funk, jazz, and intelligent meaningful hip hop rap by others, he used to always buy The Source rap magazine and so on. He even kept buying a lot of music from that store after it fired him. But then he finally stopped supporting the store. He wrote to S.L. about staff bincard filing errors and so on, and she just replied to not contact her, so he didn’t anymore."
Fuwari-Retasu: "Yeesh! What do the staff in general think of this owner?"
Hopper: "Some don’t think much of him, some don’t seem to say…there are negative stories…but anyway, Shiroi got ‘laid off’ by S.L. in September 2013, with no advance notice; she just visited one morning and said Shiroi was outta there and to not bother to clock out. The only reason she gave was that business had been slow lately. Shiroi asked if it was about anything specific he had done, and she did not answer. Then soon afterwards, the next nearest R.S. store hired new people instead of keeping Shiroi employed and moving him there, where he had also worked before. So the excuse sounds bogus to Shiroi, but how can he prove it?"
Lilac: "That sound really awful of K.S."
Hoper: "Over his six years there, Shiroi got reprimanded four times. One was for the honest mistake of forgetting to clock out one day. The other three were him getting framed for things he did not do, or was urged to do against his inclinations. The assistant owner J. said Shiroi was on the listening station about 45 minutes while J. claimed or admitted he was stuffing purses into his coat in the receiving area and said Shiroi did not see him. Well of course Shiroi did not see J. stuffing purses into his jacket for 45 minutes; how could any coat or jacket be that big? And if Shiroi saw J. back there, of course Shiroi would say nothing, since J. is supposed to be considered trustworthy in his position, right? Any brief times Shiroi was on the listening station during a shift was to do necessary checking of something like helping customer. Shiroi modestly did not toot his own horn about how many times his musical knowledge and taking customers directly to where they wanted was helping sales."
Fuwari-Retasu: "So K.S. didn’t ever have that talk with Shiroi abut Kendrick Lamar like he said he would? Or does the S stand for ‘sarcasm’?
Hopper: "Shiroi said it should! His last name actually has some letter similarities to ‘sarcasm,’ like the start of it. He’s been unemployed since then, while former staff including R.C. and A.H. moved to a bookstore with success. Coworkers told Shiroi he was wrong, and that Kendrick Lamar is great."
Lilac: "So the gist of how this most ties in with the Grammys articles is, Hopper?"
"Hopper: "Well, in addition to how Shiroi, as a newspaper processor who cares about the world’s doings, can’t escape reminders of circumstances behind his being fired in illegal retaliation for protesting harassment of women, that more people should recognize that it is inconsistent to think oneself or an event is overall pro-feminist and empowerment oriented while giving so many honors to a promoter of sexist violence who also collaborated with Taylor Swift, role model for little girls, of all people."
Fuwari-Retasu: "One of the most meaningful run-on sentences ever, Hopper."
Lilac: "And Taylor Swift is on this Kendrick guy’s new album?"
Hopper: "Not the new one, but the pro-peace rock band U2 are puzzlingly on it, as is Rihanna who I read forgave Chris Brown after he physically assaulted her. Forgiving can be nice and smart, but in her case, we fear it helpd encourafge more female abuse victims to be forgiving instead of leaving the domestic violence."
Fuwari-Retasu: "But how about the content of Kendrick’s new album, that won the best rap album award and five trophies at the Grammys? Has he realized and utilized the true power of caring positivity since that album that helped get you in trouble for caring? Has he finally gotten over the selfish money greedy violent degradation of women factors in his content?"
Hopper: "Well, let’s see. Lets check where it lists online his new album’s lyrics and paste some here from different songs on it, if they concern us. Here is a selective medley montage composite of parts of this latest awards winning album:"

"I don’t contemplate, I meditate, then off your f-wording head
This that put-the-kids-to-bed
This that I got, I got, I got, I got—
Realness, I just kill s-word ’cause it’s in my DNA
I got millions, I got riches buildin’ in my DNA
B-word, your hormones prolly switch inside your DNA
Problem is, all that sucker s-word inside your DNA
get money, f-word b-words
My girl told me don’t let these hoes get in my head
But it’s money to get, b-words to hit, yah
I’ll take your f-wordin’ life for this s-word, n-word
If I gotta slap a p-word-a-word n-word, I’ma make it look sexy
If I gotta go hard on a b-word, I’ma make it look sexy
I’m allergic to a b-word n-word, ayy
An imaginary rich n-word, ayy
Seven figures, ho, that’s slimmer than my b-word figure, ayy
Girl, I can buy yo’ a-word the world with my paystub
Ooh, that p-word good, won’t you sit it on my taste bloods?
Go hit you a lick, go f-word on a b-word
Go back outside, I beat yo a-word, lil’ n-word
Life’s a b-word, pull them panties to the side now
I’ll prolly die at these house parties, f-wordin’ with b-words
God d-word you
God d-word me
God d-word us
God d-word we
God d-word us all
Ever since a young man
All I wanna be was a gunman
Get yo’ a-word killed by the finest
I don’t rush s-word, f-word s-word
Always your s-word, my s-word
Cannonballs to ignite s-word"

Hopper: "Well, I think you get the idea. It does not seem any closer to being peaceful or feminist. Here’s one more quote from its lyrics."

"Last time I ain’t give a f-word, I still feel the same now"

Hopper: "Yeah, it does look that way. And many people love it."
Lilac: "I don’t know how to explain this, Hopper. I’m sorry for all the racism he and any victim has suffered in his life, but i don’t think that excuses the stuff you’ve quoted."
Hopper: "I agree with all you just said, Lilac. Truly Shiroi and I would otherwise rather not sound so critical of a celebrity’s material on his site. We’d rather this post be another nice tribute to a musician who is no longer with us. But we are trying to see the big picture and by explaining the negative in a caring unselfish way, about women and needs for a peaceful society, where many peaceful people still are supporting things with content like this. We hope this will bring about some of the positivity the future needs."
Fuwari-Retasu: "We hope so, too, Hopper."

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