Freedom Fighters You’ve Never Heard Of

Freedom Fighters You’ve Never Heard Of

Whack tells you about 3 fearless, badass women freedom fighters because your history books didn’t.

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Amazing stories about women from our Freedom struggle , that need to be known by everyone. Do share them with your friends and so that everyone knows about their journey to give us our freedom.

0:00 – 0:53 – Introduction
0:53 – 3:27 – Youngest Spy of India
3:27 – 6:15 – Grand Old lady of India
6:15 – 7:35 – Storytel Offer for you
7:35 – 9:42 – Indias First Female Freedom Warrior

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24 thoughts on “Freedom Fighters You’ve Never Heard Of”

  1. Thanks for sharing the part of "forgotten" history with us. I feel like history books should also inculcate stories about the great architectural marvels that we today know as World Heritage Sites, things about who constructed it, why, how & more importantly the science behind it, which btw is still unknown. I personally love to watch videos of them & learn about them. the kailashnath temple, magical pillars of hampi, lepakshi temple & many many more such places.

  2. Goosebump worthy!!! We are enjoying the luxuries today because of the hard work of millions of heros of the past. High time we remember them and the cause that they fought for. Enough of petty politics and the insane greed. We owe our heros, our country and mother nature a lot. Time for a payback.

  3. I don't know from which you are or in which school or which board you read but I can say you that in west Bengal board there is whole chapter on the participation of women in the independence movements of India it includes women from Rani Lakshmi Bai to sarojini Naidu

  4. i appreciate your pronunciations of kannada words, they were better than most of kannadigas, thanks for covering chennamma, and next time you must make a video about abbakka who fought against Portuguese the first european settlers 😊

  5. For me rani rashomani of Bengal is the perfect example of women resistance in India both to british and conservatives. Her building of dakshineashwari kali temple was a silent resistance towards society which wanted women to burn on husband pyre.

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