Free Kim Davis

Free Kim Davis

Anti-Christian persecution begins. Members of The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property travel to Kentucky and find avid support for Kim Davis, a county clerk who was unjustly jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples.

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Some call her a new Saint Joan of Arc, others say she is just a common clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, with an uncommon backbone who loves God. Whatever the case might be, Kim Davis was faced with two options: either issue same-sex “marriage” licenses and violate her conscience or obey God’s law and resist. She chose to serve God first and, as a consequence, was targeted by the homosexual movement and locked up by a U.S. District Judge in the Carter County Detention Center on September 3, where she remains without bail.

Unlike many elected officials who lack the courage to be morally correct, Kim Davis’ heroic example of moral conviction has inspired not only rural Kentucky, but galvanized Americans across the country. Talking about her resolve, her husband Joe Davis, said, “She won’t bow, I promise you.”

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