Four leg child in India

A woman from the Gwalior district of India’s Madhya Pradesh state gave birth to a baby girl having four legs.

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The “four-legged baby” was born to Aarti Kushwaha of Sikandar Kampoo at Kamla Raja Hospital’s Women and Child Pediatrics Department.

The infant, who is safe and sound, weighed is 2.3kg. After the birth, the Superintendent of Jayarogya Hospital Group Dr RKS Dhakad and a team of doctors checked the baby’s condition.

The superintendent, speaking with the media, said the baby has a physical deformity.

“The infant has four legs at birth, she has physical deformity,” the doictor said. Some foetuses become extra, which is called Ischiopagus in the language of medical science. “When the embryo divides into two parts, the body develops at two places. The lower part, below the waist of this baby girl has developed with two extra legs, but those legs are inactive.”

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The superintendent said: “Right now the doctors of the Paediatric Department are checking whether there is any other deformity in any part of the body. After examination, if she is healthy, then those legs will be removed through surgery. So that she can live a normal life.”

The doctor said that the baby was being treated in the Special Newborn Care Unit of the Pediatrics Department of Kamla Raja Hospital.

“The health condition of the infant is continuously being monitored. The doctors are talking about removing her extra legs by surgery. At present, the baby girl is completely healthy.” Dhakad said.


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