Ford v Ferrari (2019) Movie Reaction! FIRST TIME WATCHING! Movie Review & Commentary

Ford v Ferrari (2019) Movie Reaction! FIRST TIME WATCHING! Movie Review & Commentary

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22 thoughts on “Ford v Ferrari (2019) Movie Reaction! FIRST TIME WATCHING! Movie Review & Commentary”

  1. "James Bond is a degenerate." Your immediate indignation was priceless. As an American, I have disdain for car racing and have absolute disdain for corporations, but this film combined the two and was very entertaining. As always, your enthusiastic commentary was fun to watch, and you can eat candy anytime you want. Merry Christmas. All I want for Christmas is to see your reaction to Diamonds Are Forever, and then I'd like to know what you think of Roger Moore.

  2. Some car races are still 24 hours. There is a discipline of motor sports called Endurance Racing, where races range anywhere from 4 to 24 hours. Some examples are the Daytona 24 Hour, Sebring 12 Hour, Bathurst 12 Hour, Nurburgring 24 Hour, Spa 24 Hour, and the crown jewel of them all, the Le Mans 24 Hour.

    Most events are contested by teams of 3 or 4 drivers, who rotate driving duties during the pit stops.

    Edit: although Motorsport is exponentially safer today than it was in the past, it is still extremely dangerous, and definitely amongst the most dangerous sports. Although it is rare these days, people do still die, or suffer life altering injuries.

  3. Your reaction vids are SO entertaining. You have a great comic sense. You make me laugh!
    Some of my favorite sports movies: (In no particular order)

    "Cinderella Man" (2005) Boxing biopic starring Russell Crowe & Renee Zellweger
    "Invincible" (2006) Football biopic staring Mark Wahlberg
    "Draft Day" (2014) Football starring Kevin Costner, Chadwick Bosman & Jennifer Garner

    "42" (2013) Baseball biopic starring Chadwick Bosman and Harrison Ford

    "Pride of the Yankee's" (1942) Baseball biopic starring Gary Cooper

    "Seabiscuit" (2003) Horseracing biopic starring Toby Maguire & Jeff Bridges

    "Moneyball" (2011) Baseball biopic starring Brad Pitt

  4. If you want to see peak Christian Bale acting, watch "The Fighter". Or even the opening interview scene in the movie. That man is on another level. Gave him his only Oscar, which is a crime on itself. Only one Oscar?

  5. Another great reaction Jen, I love this movie. Another like it, well, competition, is the movie Tucker: The Man and His Dream> Its based on a true event & automobile history.

  6. To answer some of your questions Jen, yes racing is still dangerous as hell. It’s far more safe now than it was in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. 24 hrs of Le Mans is still on ongoing as well as 24 hrs of Daytona. They’ll race in anything but a hurricane basically. Endurance racing typically has a 3-4 driver rotation over a 12, 18, or 24 race. Awesome reaction Jen! Looking forward to the next one.

  7. You want a Christian Bale movie recommendations : The Prestige which was directed by Christopher Nolan (filmed between Batman Begins & The Dark Knight) The cast includes Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johanssen, Rebecca Hall, David Bowie, Andy Sirkis & Piper Peraboo.

  8. if you go to dearborn michigan…the henry ford museum…..they have one of the lemans FORD GT there….they are things of beauty…..henry ford II is a legend in the auto world

  9. Racing was definitely way more dangerous back then, even at the lower speeds. These days a car can totally disintegrate and the driver can walk away due to the safety features in the cars and the barriers at the track

  10. It is a very dangerous sport, but over the years it's gotten safer and safer obviously. 24 Hours of Le Mans is still a thing. Bit of sad trivia, the worst motorsport disaster to date was at the 1955 Le Mans, where there were 84 deaths and I think 180 injuries. The really sad bit was one fatality was a driver, and all the rest were spectators.

  11. So glad you saw this I think you should also see Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise. My first Introduction to Christian Bael was Reign of fire, Which I also recommend. As for racing, It really depend on the race…. some a days long…

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