Fmr Marine Corps Captain In Afghanistan, Matthew Hoh (In-Studio)

Fmr Marine Corps Captain In Afghanistan, Matthew Hoh (In-Studio)

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Matt discusses his experiences in the Afghanistan War. More at

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20 thoughts on “Fmr Marine Corps Captain In Afghanistan, Matthew Hoh (In-Studio)”

  1. no sir, to the muslim all are born muslims.. its part and separate to islam. Muslim believes in the 1 god.. Islam is a path to God to the muslim. Islam reconizes many paths to God but muslim is definatl NOT a culture. Go to a 3 muslims countries their understanding of Islam will be vastly different from 1 place 2 the next because people follw culture 99% of the time and 1 % Islam. which is why there is no unified belief outside of the 5 pillars of faith

  2. I understand you very well. You're saying that we've spent all this time, money, and soldiers convincing people and countries that this is a war of necesssity, so we cannot just pull out.

    I'm saying we can. We should have had a clear exit strategy rather than just having to sit there for 8 years trying to win hearts and minds. That won't happen. No matter how many soldiers and countries convene, there will not be "victory" because we are looked at as the occupying power.

  3. Thing is its words they have not said yet. If communists can be Tsarist as said by Glenn Beck and tea baggers. Then there is no reason to think they don't think the Taliban are "communist-Nazis" (which in of itself is absurd but they have said).

    The conservative nut house has literally gone 50years back in time in the last year.

  4. Basically Obama has a decision no leader would like to make, He will need to include NATO in reshaping the mission to one that is achievable – complete it and pull out.
    He needs to leave a residual force of some kind to ensure the Taliban does not victory or let AlQaida rebuild their camps.

  5. @nuumskee

    Go to any different state and you will find people with different views on what Christianity is. Christianity is interpreted in different ways in different regions just like Islam. Plus you concede to my point when you acknowledge the existence of Muslims countries. If you are born in a Muslim country to Muslim parent are you not inherently Muslim if not a follower of Islam but a recipient of a cultural heritage.

  6. not a cultural heritage… im just telling you what muslims believe u can be born anywhere it doesnt matter.. to them ALL are born Muslims(submitting to the 1 god) and everything after that is apples and bananas.. this is a universal belief its one of the few things they dont debate half to death

  7. @nuumskee

    A universal belief held by who… Christians… Irish. Muslims have a heritage that extends beyond religion and to just group them has followers of Islams is to narrow-minded.

  8. A universal belief held by muslims.. each state has its own culture destinct to them. The Saudi is not The Egyptian and there ISLAMIC BELIEFS ate night and day but if you ask them is everyone born muslim and they will both say yes. its like asking is Muhammed the prophet of Islam they will all say yes but if you ask them how did he want them to practice Islam you will get different answers. There r but 5-6 things the all believe. and this is 1 of them. I am muslim btw

  9. you know the "urban guys" don't tend to be very good at fighting cenk. IIf its between somebody from Idaho and San Francisco I'm taking a good shot from Idaho. Urban people are not very good at handling the the "conditions" either. THIS GUY MATHEW HOH SHOULD BE OUR PRESIDENT!

  10. @GnosticAtheist It is true that tsarism (that is, russian monarchy) however look at the system that replaced the tsars sytem, Initaily you had Lenin with Trotsky and Stalin as advisors putting the policies in place. The you had Stalin and those around him putting the policies in place that effected everyone. There is a great book called "red tsar" about stalin,. MEET THE NEW BOSS SAME AS THE OLD BOSS!

  11. Build during a war…how dumb can we get? These "playgrounds" we are building will be destroyed as soon as we turn our backs, if not by the war itself. TImes are tough as it is here in the States, let's stop wasting money where it isn't needed.

  12. Hmm. Democratic elections, children going to school, over 2000 female officers in the Kabul Police Department. But no… the Afghanis hate us and 'kill the invaders'. If thats true why are Afghan Army and police officers (their own people) killed in higher numbers than coalition troops? The real truth… anyone who blows up markets and uses children as shields is an animal. Not a patriot. The Afghans want their country back… FROM these animals.

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