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Flirt With Your Man by Text Message

There are countless techniques and tools you can use in the art of flirting. And with texting being such a favorable form of communication it seems a shame not to include it in your flirting tool list. Texting can add a whole new range to flirting with your man. It’s personal. It’s private. And the best part is you can send and receive it from anywhere.

While I do feel texting is a great way to seduce your man, you do need know when to use it. I don’t feel texting works very well for someone you just started dating. You should be acquainted with the person and have flirted with them in in person or over the phone. By doing this you will have an clue of what turns them on and what turns them off. It also helps to prevent the dreaded rejection from someone who may not be interested in you.

If you’re a little shy about flirting in person or on the phone with your man, flirting by text can help you conquer that. By deciding what it is you would like to say, you can feel comfortable with the message you’re sending. Also, by seeing a positive response to your flirting by text, it may make you feel more comfortable flirting with your man over the phone and in person.

Here are some things that I have found work well when flirting by text message:

Be Subtle. You don’t need to be overtly sexual to be sexy. Sometimes when the message is too risqué it can be a turn off. Hinting to what will happen can be a lot more seductive then telling. Leave something to his imagination. Let him spend the day thinking about what’s waiting for him when he sees you. The words should have an element of seduction and be clear to him.

Watch what you say. Remember even the most skilled of texter has sent messages to the wrong person. So you shouldn’t put anything in a text that would embarass you or him if a friend, co-worker or family member saw it. Many conversations are best left for phone or face to face flirting unless it’s something you’re both comfortable with, even if you don’t care what people think, he might. And you don’t want a flirty text to become the cause of problems in your relationship.

Be creative. Since it is a text you have time to think about what you send and how you respond. You can make your texts into a story which will lead up to the time you’re together. Building the seduction up during the day. As you become more creative and more comfortable with flirting and with what he likes, you can clearly express what you want while leaving enough to his imagination to have him waiting impatiently for the chance to see you.

Have some fun with it. Keep in mind this is a flirting tool. So make it an extension of how you already flirt with your man. You’ll feel comfortable and he won’t feel as though you’re doing something that doesn’t fit your personality, which is the person he’s attracted to. And who knows maybe he’ll flirt back or start sending you his own flirty messages.

Source by Shoshana Jackson

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