Finding Drew a Boyfriend in New York & Touring the Cosmo Fashion Closet!

Finding Drew a Boyfriend in New York & Touring the Cosmo Fashion Closet!

We had the most incredible time in NYC getting to visit our sister brands and film so much fun content for you! We got to see the September Issue of Cosmopolitan magazine before it was released, tour their offices and see THE ICONIC FASHION CLOSET. To top it all off, Sinead and Emile found Drew a new man on Seventeen’s dating show – Bestie Picks Bae! WHAT A WEEK!

We cannot WAIT for you guys to see all the fun we have in store for you!

Watch Drew on Bestie Picks Bae! ►►
Check out Cosmo’s perfume, Juice! ►►
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24 thoughts on “Finding Drew a Boyfriend in New York & Touring the Cosmo Fashion Closet!”

  1. Just a quick comment about the LEEP procedure, it is not actually a routine procedure as she said in the video. It usually only recommended when a pap smear comes back with abnormal cervical cell results, so more used as a way to screen and remove cancerous cells. And while they have found some research of women who report side effects about difficulty having sex after the procedure, really not much research has been done, at all, about the possible impact it has on sexual function… so I'm interested to see what they actually report in the magazine.

  2. When you guys toured Cosmo I wanted you to tell them to unsubscribe me. I don't know why I'm getting issues monthly. I never signed up. I'm also getting issues of "Seventeen" and never signed up. I hope my sister isn't behind it.

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