Finance Minister Dar briefs President Alvi on country’s economic situation – Pakistan

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Wednesday called on President Dr Arif Alvi and briefed him on the “overall economic situation” of the country, a statement released by the President’s Secretariat said.

The meeting came a day after PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry revealed that “informal communications” between his party and federal government, pertaining to the snap elections, had begun.

It is pertinent to mention that last week PTI chief Imran Khan gave the federal government an ultimatum to either “sit and talk and give a date for the general elections” or “we will dissolve the assemblies”.

During the meeting today at Aiwan-i-Sadr, the president — whose political roots are in the PTI — and the finance minister discussed various matters concerning the economy, finance, and the rehabilitation of flood affectees.

According to the press release, Dar briefed the president about steps taken by the incumbent government to provide relief to the most vulnerable segments of society, especially those who were underprivileged or affected by this year’s destructive floods.

In September, President Alvi, without confirming or denying reports of his meetings with military brass and key political figures had conceded his recent “efforts in a personal capacity” to bring the “stakeholders closer” to one another.

He had talked about his role to “consult, negotiate and deliberate” in a personal capacity.

Later in October, the PTI had acknowledged that President Arif Alvi is engaged in backdoor talks with the government.

Chaudhry had told Dawn that negotiations were being held with the government over the issue of elections. “President Sahib is holding the talks,” he had said while replying to a question that at what level talks were being held between the two sides.

In November, President Alvi confirmed his ‘backdoor’ efforts to reach out to all political players as well as the powers that be to find a workable solution to end the chaos, though he admits his efforts haven’t borne fruit as yet.

“Backdoor talks are underway with the institutions that matter to sort out the differences (among the players). If the talks succeed, they will be in the public domain. I am playing the role of a mediator as the supreme commander of the armed forces, but I am not a broker,” he had said.

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