Film Theory: They Missed the Point (Try Guys Drama)

Film Theory: They Missed the Point (Try Guys Drama)

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Theorists, we need to talk about @The Try Guys situation and by that I mean the mainstream media coverage of it. See, I think the Try Guys handled the situation with professionalism. You know who didn’t? The media making fun of them for being YouTubers. That SNL skit? Not a good look. So, let’s talk about all of it.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick and Forrest Lee
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), and Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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47 thoughts on “Film Theory: They Missed the Point (Try Guys Drama)”

  1. I can't like this enough- I remember being really impressed with the Try Guy's response to this whole situation. Its depressing that I was surprised to see an organization take ownership for an issue the way they did. When I started seeing press releases about it I expected to see people appreciating their honesty and integrity but instead it was all nonsense. Thank you for this- yell it louder for the people in the back!

  2. the thing that adds to my anger about that skit is, one of the writers for that skit, is Neds friend from i believe collage. So his friend thinks that when Ned build his whole internet identity on loving his wife, its okay to cheat and on top of that with a employe he has power over! Digusting!

  3. Major applause sir!! Thank you for using your platform to stand up to mainstream media and their clear misrepresentation of a legit company trying to handle a horrible situation the best they could

  4. The fact that they make the person who, most likely knowing what he was risking or what he could do to peoples jobs, was romantic with an employee the good guy, the guy who “escaped” or the guy who finally showed his true self and is finally happy, is just wrong. These big corporations are dragging their names through the mud meanwhile dragging the the spotlight off their own scandals and affairs which are by far worse.

  5. This is why television shows/mainstream media don't really do well in social media lmao. People watch em when they have to, not because they actually want to

  6. It has always bothered me how Content Creators constantly get put down by "mainstream coverage" If anything, content creators seem to work harder and seem to be a lot more transparent. In a lot of cases, they are doing most if not all of the work themselves when they are starting out. They deserve a lot more respect than they get.

  7. And traditional media wonders how why youths are being radicalized. It's because they're radicalizing the people against the youth. When the tool of your success is radicalization, someone will use that to beat you by being more radical.

  8. this rant is very on point, he tackles the point that was supposed to be talked about, but at the same time doing the father part and sitting down with the news coverage and just telling them to do better!

  9. SNL sketch was amazing, I think y’all missed the point.

    It’s not that serious.

    The try guys are gonna be unimaginably rich now and will be happy this all happened. Can we be realistic?

  10. This whole video about all this horror and the try guys are living the absolute dream from all the free press. The “bad coverage” has led directly to the doubling down of their supporters, is that not positive. SNL is not horribly relevant to the youth.

    The point about SNL wasting long term relevance for immediate clout should be something you’d be happy about if we are also bringing up the toxic workplace culture of SNL.

    Very confused on how we are supposed to be angry or frustrated when

    The youth is on the side you’re speaking to

    SNL is losing relevance

    Try Guys will be more successful than ever

    We have had genuine dialogue about workplace culture despite the few spots that glossed over it

    It’s just confusing when SNL doesn’t get views and isn’t relevant but let’s drag their “ignorant” opinion until we feel better about ourselves.

    The youth will win, change takes time.

    The try guys are lame and I’m including Ned. He’s a loser.

  11. I 100% agree with you. Fans over focused on the marriage and cheating part to condemn him. A mistake in my opinion. The problem is the potentially sexual abuse in the workplace. That is the take away here, the fact that the try guys acted appropriately and big Co is not getting it bc they allow people like Steve Harvey get away with this and can’t fanthom other people not tolerating that. Many companies have you go through those sexual harassment modules but rarely enforce them. You all have to understand getting cheated on and cheating is one thing but abusing your power to prey on subordinates is the main issue here.

  12. This the best most intelligent rant with backup that I have ever heard. Not sure if it’s PTSD or fond memories but I can just hear my English teacher saying show your work, cite your sources. no matter what you write in the essay how you solve a math problem just showing your work can cross the pass/fail line to a thorough pass.

  13. (1:35) yeah, Angry Cop did a response video of them "trying" a shooting range years back. They made an absolute fool of themselves.🤣
    (4:05) Well this is the first that I have heard of it so I guess I'm running different crowds.🤔

  14. I love when Matt is passionate in his videos lime this. Not to diminish the issue, just for real. Its real and I can understand how he feels for the emotion put into it. I love whenever he puts himself into videos rather about this or anything else. He's not wrong at all.

  15. Heck Yeah Matpat and the Theorists!
    Thank you so much for sticking up for the content creators, against the "main stream" media.
    Personally idk much about this drama, respect going out to the Try Guys; but im glad you're using your position, and voice (essentially), to stick up for creators that lack a loud voice in an area that 'non-youtubers' wouldn't be aware of (and would likely believe whatever their content creators would display as fact).

    Honestly started the video thinking it was just some rant "against the machine" or whatever

    Thanks for sticking up for everyone here at youtube ^ ^

  16. I’m 53, my husband is 58. We love the Try Guys. I’ve been watching since the beginning. Our 17 yr olds watch them with us. The media coverage is BS. SNL pissed me off so badly. I’m so happy you did this video!

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