Fifty bridegrooms take out procession video

A video of 50 bachelors in sehras (wedding crowns) taking out a procession in India for an implementation of an act which stops female foeticides is going viral.

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According to an Indian news agency, Social group’Jyoti Kranti Parishad’ led the procession ‘Bridegroom Morcha’ for the implementation of the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act in Solapur city in India’s Maharashtra state.

PCPNDT is an Indian act stopping female foeticides and controlling the declining sex ratio in India.

“Bridegrooms” rode on horsebacks to drum beats in a 2km procession to the Solapur collector office.

Ramesh Baraskar, the President of Jyoti Kranti Parishad, said the rally was to raise awareness regarding sex ratio imbalance in the state.

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“The present situation of eligible bachelors not getting brides is also because of the skewed male-female ratio,” he said. “Had there been a proper implementation of the PCPNDT Act, the situation would have been better.”

He added: “The situation is so bad that many parents and bachelors are going into depression for being unable to find suitable brides. So, to highlight this issue, we took out this procession. We want the government to take some steps towards balancing the sex ratio.”


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