Everyone Made Fun of Shy Guy Until He Transforms Himself And Gets Every Girl's Attention

Everyone Made Fun of Shy Guy Until He Transforms Himself And Gets Every Girl's Attention

Everyone Made Fun Of Shy Guy Until He Transforms Himself And Gets Every Girls Attention

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  1. I really love this movie, the most heartbreaking moment is seeing Duncan break down after finding out that his dad doesn't want to see him. I love his friendship with Owen.

  2. i kinda had a mentor friendship like this, im 35 yrs old. at that time i was 25 and i met a kid that was 16 going to 17, his parents are drug addicts so he would ride his bike all day. one day while working on my yard he stopped and asked if he could help me pick up the grass for 5$. i said yes, he would come over 2 times a week for the whole summer, i gave him 25$ instead of the 5$. one day i found out his dad took his money that he had saved almost 250$. One day i saw his dad walking to a known drughouse, i stopped my car and offered him a ride since it was raining when he got in the car , i told him that the money he stole from his kid was from me and now he had to pay it, at first he got mad but he noticed how pissed i was he gave me 100$ at that moment, i told him that if he ever try stealing again from his kid i would look for him. eventually the boy moved in with me and my girlfriend at that time when he turned 18 he stayed with me for about a year and got a good job now he is married and expecting a baby he comes from time to time to visit me with his wife. he treats my son like a brother and i am happy he broke the cycle of his family. im very proud of him

  3. I haven't seen this movie yet, and now I must. Sam Rockwell is one of my favorites. I'm also having anxiety as I'm simultaneously happy and disappointed that they didn't end with the " mom dumps the loser boyfriend and goes back to be with the cool guy that mentored her kid thru his tough emo summer" trope. I really kinda wanna see that happen, but I'm also glad it didn't, but I wish it did, but aaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!🤯 I needa hug from Sam Rockwell now please 🥴

  4. i have autism, but most never see it, i can hide it, so i know how he feels, how it is be lonely and hated……….. my complete life before i get a adult is one of bulling and use as a boxball …………… untill i hit back and people see how strong i really was ( won even agains 40 people ………….. had no choose, it was hit or get hit………… so is almost my life, where i get more respect once i get older, i even was see as the strongest man of my city (what give you a lot trouble so i must defence myself, if al end ..k.o………… at a tile none attacks you any more, im no fighter i hate fights, still have no friends, but have not fight anymore at the end, …………. how older i get, how more difficult i get it to contact people, its true , i good job where people respect you help you so much, …………….. wish there stay at the house, ………. had never a step father (dad dies in 1974 …….. im from 71…………….. so grow up alone with my mom, with no family or friends, ………… but people act as if you handicapt if you act different, so learn come up for yourselfs is hard

  5. 😂😂ngl lewis caught me off guard in the end, imagine how many farewell parties was made for him.
    Owen is the kind of friend you wish to meet, the small kind gestures he made for duncan impacted his whole persona. Great movie.

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