Episode 11: Not In A Sexy Way

Episode 11: Not In A Sexy Way

Dr Seabrooke helps a human prepare for a weekend with a gorgon, talks about finding desire with a golem, and helps an asexual vampire with separating feeding and romance.

Created by Lee Davis-Thalbourne

Produced by Passer Vulpes Productions

Doctor Olivia Seabrooke voiced by Mama Boho
Avery voiced by Rowan Quinn, with the call written by Lee Davis-Thalbourne.
Chava voiced by Speech2Go’s Raveena voice, with the call written by Hannah Aroni.
Ava voiced by Rory Eggleston, with the call written by Saf Davidson.
The Voice of the AusEtherial Network is Lee Davis-Thalbourne.

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Our cover art is by Erin Kyan

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