Episode 1 - Moving In Together! | Aryan & Meera | Taaruk Raina & Zayn Marie | Netflix India

Episode 1 – Moving In Together! | Aryan & Meera | Taaruk Raina & Zayn Marie | Netflix India

Say hi to Aryan & Meera! 👋🏻
They’re finally moving in together after a year of dating. Yes yes, it’s a VERY big step.
Curious to see how it’ll go? Catch Aryan & Meera exclusively on Netflix India’s YouTube Channel.

Director – Tapasvi Mehta 
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues – Kishan Savjani 
Produced By   – Palak Jain , Rohan Shah, Tapasvi Mehta , Kishan Savjani 
Aryan – Taaruk Raina 
Meera – Zayn Marie Khan
Uncle Shah – P. Dilip Raj
Aunty Shah – Nina Sharma
Broker – Ankur Jain
Creative Director – Kishan Savjani , Rohan Shah.
Executive Producer- Rohan Shah 
Director Of Photography- Abhinav Chatterjee
Background Score- Archit and Smit
Editor- Maulik Sharma
Direction Team
1st Asst. Director – Kelvin Mendonca
2nd Asst. Director – Gaurav Kamdar 
3rd Asst. Director – Pratik Shetty 
3rd Asst. Director – Siddhant Kode 
3rd Asst. Director – Pratham Khurana
Continuity Supervisor – Pranay Aggarwal
Handmade Productions Team
Line Producer – Henil Bhavani
Production Manager – Varun Shetty 
Production Assistant – Hiral Manwani
Location Manager – Prasad Pujari
Legal – Tarana Tripathi 
2nd Camera Operator – Harsh Pednekar
Focus Puller – Rahul
Focus Puller – Juber
Focus Puller – Ram Prasad Yadav
Gaffer – Jitendra Kharwar
Casting Director – Ashish Juneja
Asst. Casting Director – Yosshti Mahashay
Asst. Casting Director – Heta Mehta
Costume Designer – Shweta Puthran
Costume Assistant – Sanaya Polishwala
Dress Man – Montu Mishra
Tailor – Prakash
Taaruk’s Hair & Make-Up – Rahul Maurya
Assistant Hair & Make-Up – Kamal Boro 
Assistant Hair & Make-Up – Sushil Tiwar
Hair Colour – Why Not By Zeeba
Zayn’s Make-Up – Nishi Singh and Team
Zayn’s Make-Up –  Adhishree Patil
Zayn’s Hair Stylist – Silky Mehra
Zayn’s Hair Stylist – Cletus Liu
On-Location Sound
Sound Recordist – Arun Tumma
Assistant Sound Recordist – Rupesh Singh 
Assistant Editor – Sanchay
Akshit Gala
Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics Company – Postboy
Motion Graphics Creative Producer – Nishant Jethva
Motion Graphics Director – Kushang Dholakia
Illustrator – Isha Lakhani
Animator – Ayush Pillai
Graphic Intern – Vinay Patil
Sound Designer
Ashutosh Girkar
Color Grading
DI Colorist – Vaibhav Shete
Director – Parish Tekriwal
Business Head – Faiz Akhtar 
Business Development Manager – Ankush Rai 
Business Development Manager – Ankit Samant 
Snr. DI Producer – Abhishek Goel
Production Design
Production Designer – Mayur Magicz
Art Director – Sonali Mandal
Set Decorator – Jagriti Singh
Art Assistant – Raman Revati
Unit Photographer
Mohammed Farhan
Poster Photographer
Anurag Kabbur
Background Score
Music Director – Archit & Smit
Additional Programming – Noor Parmar
Guitars – Chaitanya Bhaidkar
Drums & Percussion – Jignesh Patel
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered – P Cube Studios, Mumbai.
“Hai Dil Tumpe Aa Ruka”
Music Director – Archit & Smit.
Lyrics – Archit & Smit, Noor Parmar
Singer – Noor Parmar
Guitar – Chaitanya Bhaidkar
Percussions – Jignesh Patel
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered – P Cube Studios, Mumbai

“Mere Ho Tum”
Music Director – Archit & Smit.
Lyrics – Archit & Smit, Abhiruchi Singh.
Singer – Taaruk Raina, ( female singer to be decided)
Guitar – Soumil Pandit, Chaitanya Bhaidkar
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered – P Cube Studios, Mumbai.

Setting Boys
Rajvir Sharma
Ratnakar Mohanty
Devdas Galwikar
Viru Das
Raju Kumar Sonkar
Monu Shrivastav
Amit Sharma
Light Team
Digvijay Yadav
Govind Kharwar
Camera Attendant
Rahul Shrivastav
Ajay Vishwakarma
Sandeep Prajapati
Spot Team
Dilip Prasad Yadav
Ankush Pandey
Birendra Kumar
Suraj Kumar
Babiu Yadav
Hassan (Zayn’s Spot)
Tent Team
Vinod Yadav
Ramakailash Yadav
Vijay Saroj
Track Trolly
Akshay Kurlekar
Abdul Khan
Mustak Khan
Asfak Siddique
Camera Vendor – Aryavart Productions
Light Vendor – Mona Lisa 
Food Caterers – Bhola Yadav
Health And Safety – The-Bulwark 
Vanity – Omkar Enterprises 
Generator – S.K. Film Power
Security – Vidhur Kumar
Transport Logistics – Sunrise Travels
Covid Testing – Suburban Diagnostics
Trolley Vendor – Aditya Enterprise
Zayn’s Management Team 
Bhavik Shah
Tahhiya Sohib Ansari
Taaruk’s Management Team
Sumona Chakravarty

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27 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Moving In Together! | Aryan & Meera | Taaruk Raina & Zayn Marie | Netflix India”

  1. aww this series is so adorableeee🫶🏼 literally my comfort show, we all want more series of taaruk raina he’s so cute n good looking pls😭🫶🏼 also we wanna see him working in cuteass love stories more often and play that kinda wholesome role that will make ourselves crave for someone like him as a partner>
    also he’s a real versatile actor his acting seems so realistic he deserves to be in more series, movies and shows cus he’s just whole perfect

  2. Your commitment to a "simple life, lofty thinking" makes me happy. The words my grandfather told me when I was an adolescent constantly encouraged me to progress in life. The value of your inner serenity, your education, your thirst for learning from nature, and the people you surround yourself with, from young children to elderly individuals, far outweighs that of materialistic possessions, in my opinion. At the age of 34, I too wished to do something that brings me serenity, even if it does not result in a career or monetary gain, but in the satisfaction of learning, discovering, and assisting myself and those who need you to improve.

    I am an academic, an architect, and a student trying to start again with fresh ideas.

    I had a happy upbringing and loved baking cow dung cakes with my maternal grandmother during my summer holidays. Cow dung was used to coat the walls and floors of the huts since it serves as a cheap thermal insulator and deters insects.

    Keep inspiring the world and a good mentor you are.

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