Emergency Surgery & Chronic Illness / Hannah Witton & Kati Morton

Emergency Surgery & Chronic Illness / Hannah Witton & Kati Morton

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50 thoughts on “Emergency Surgery & Chronic Illness / Hannah Witton & Kati Morton”

  1. The idea that flair ups can be caused by stress really fits for me. I get stomch pains which I now believe are part of my anxiaty… My anxiaty starts in my gut and grows and can cause cramps. Really uncomforatble. I've been using better help and taking vitamins again, trusting the tools I have for coping now I've spoken to a proffesional… All of this has helped lessen my cramps… Thanks the lord!!

  2. I was so dedicated to watch the video even tho it was impossible to understand in some parts and the mic sounds where hurting my ears and gave me a headake 😂 Will defenetly watch again with captions and the sound of later 😊👍❤

  3. Hey Kati i was wondering if you have a video on the effects of PTSD on loved ones. You mentioned in Hannah's video about transgenerational PTSD, and i also know therapists can develop PTSD from clients. My specific situation is my husband and mother both have complex PTSD and i help them (mainly my mom) live functionally. I worry about my mental health as well as my daughter's. I dont want her to "inherit" the PTSD, any advice or links to videos/resources will be greatly appreciated

  4. Thank you for having someone on with a stoma! I don’t have ulcerative colitis, I have Gastroparesis and I’ve had a gastrojejunostomy (GJ Tube) for over 3 years now. Before I got the permanent stoma, I had a nasal jejunum tube and that was kind of an emergency placement because I got so malnourished from the Gastroparesis. Her stoma and mine are a lot different, I know..but at the same time the insecurities faced (and unknowns) are very similar. Now I’m off to go follow her on her channel! 🤗💜💚

  5. #katifaq hi kati thank u so much for posting video's. They help me so much but anyways I have a couple questions. First of all my father who I love dearly is disabled from a heart attack due to his drinking. He can't even feed himself but he can walk. I have a lot of grief from it even though it's been a long time. I blame myself because my grandma told me it was my fault cause I didn't spend enough time with him. I was only 14, i was also there the night he had the incident and it caused me ptsd. How do I move past this and not have so much anger? He's really mean now and sometimes hits me. Im 22 now but i help take care of him and i hate to because he treats me so bad and it doesnt seem like he cares. Which bothers me a little cause that's not the dad I know. I self harm and od on pills bc of my dads condition. Please help me and i go to therapy but doesn't seem like enough at times? second question is how do you know if something happened to you as a child like abuse? I don't remember a lot of my childhood and not sure why. I never told anyone this but when I was around 8 i touched the little girl I was babysitting and I'm trying to understand why? My only conclusion is that my friends brother made me touch him when I was 5 or that this 40 year old man use to hangout with me when I was around 6 and not sure why. Nobody knew him. I wouldn't even tell my parents about him when they would ask and he use to give me money. I remember one time he had me sit on his lap and that's the last memory I have. Maybe he was trying to groom me? Please help me understand what's going on. I've been very depressed and going crazy trying to figure this out on my own.

  6. I've been disabled for 12 years now and still get really down about it, it has severely damaged my self esteem and i feel worthless, but I'm scared to talk to a counsellor, please help!!! x

  7. Hi, um, I'm kinda new to your channel, and I was wondering if, um, how do I say this…? Um, can you talk more about coping with depression and self-harm? I know you've done videos about it before, but, I need help. I'm scared that this will all end in a year's time…

  8. Hey Kati Great videos, I just had a quick question not pertaining to the subject matter of this video, but I still feel like it's important to know. How can we tell or what are the differences between someone that is very socially awkward and someone that has aspergers/autism disorder. With some people you can really tell, but with others it's harder to distinguish. Thank you 🙂

  9. #katifaq hi kati ik i asked a question but this one is really botherong me So I'm having a really hard time and was up all night. When I was 5 i touched my friends brother. He was around 11 and I drew a picture at school. But when I was 6 i was hanging out with a 40 year old man that showed me affection and not sure if he abused me. The reason I think he did is bc I was babysitting when I was 8 and I did something I regret. Is this normal and what could of happened to me? He use to give me money and nobody new who he was bc I wouldn't tell them. One time I was even sitting on his lap! I'm so confused right now. Please help

  10. Hey, I've got a question. If anyone could answer this that would be much appreciated. How do I get a diagnosis for a mental illness and what is it like? Do you just sit down while a doctor asks you questions?

  11. #katiFAQ  Hi kati ☄ How are U ?! 
    Just i want to say that i really love you and love all your videos so keep going 😍💪✌
    Just i have a question …I struggling with self harm and I found that I have a homophopia " blood phobia " I know this so werid but it just about other's blood and my blood like one time I cut my self accidently and I feel like my heart will get out of me , I had a Nausea , dizziness and I don't know why ?  And when they take a blood sample from me or from any one I feel the same..
    Another time I was cutting some lemon and I hurt my self by acceident it was a too small cut but suddenlly I start crying so badly and when I finish I feel like why I was crying ?! I don't know … and there are more …
    Just i want to ask you is thid normal ? To have a homophobia for a self harmer ?! And why is that happend ?!
    I know my qusetion maybe so counfused but please I wish that you can help me … 😭😢

  12. I think the entire disabled and chronically ill community appreciated Hannah's awareness of the fear of dating with something different, despite her amazing partner being solid.
    There is always a conflict about when to divulge that kind of information on a date and even if you should on the first date, or wait for a while until you show more interest in someone and see if it is reciprocated

  13. Hey Kati, I had a look and saw you haven’t discussed complicated bereavement – would you be able to do a video on it? I lost my dad 4 1/2 years ago and I still haven’t processed it at all…my life is still all over the place (can’t hold a job, dropped out of school etc) and I either suppress the emotion or I’m a total wreck. Please help x

  14. I remembered when she was talking about the ileostomy – I used to be a CNA in a nursing home. An old man with dementia that I was taking care of threw it at me … One of the grossest experiences of my life.
    Great talk! I hope Hannah gets feeling better, she seems like a nice person. ❤️

  15. thank you for the great video, I found a lot of information in this video very helpful, and it explains better as to why my doctors are doing what they are doing. thank you

  16. Wonderful to hear how others with chronic illness cope and confess for want of a better word. Like Hannah, mine's been going for a long time, the other probably since birth and it's hard. People DO understand once you tell them and they see you struggling. People are generally good and compassionate. I did have a hard time in my teens and early 20's because twice a month I have TERRIBLE endometriosis pain (despite full hysterectomy) and people couldn't work out why I wasn't going out. Now I'm older and friends have had kids, it's just easier to say, "Hey, sorry, pain's too bad today so I'm staying in". Honesty is best. I am BLESSED to have friends who continue to ask me to everything knowing that I'll often refuse but come and be full of life when I can. I love them for that. Kudos to EVERYONE like Hannah who have chronic pain. It's hard, it changes your life, your brain wiring but gosh it makes you compassionate and an empathic badass if you so will it. Thanks Kati and Hannah! xoxoxoxoxox

  17. Could you do a video specific to enabling behaviors? I'd love to hear some examples of an enabling behavior and how to fix that behavior with a healthy boundary in its place. I am working on setting firm boundaries when it comes to enabling people's unhealthy coping mechanisms.

  18. Hannah, my heart goes out to you for what you've had to endure. Feel better soon!
    I'd like to add a little something about what you said at the end of the video about the connection of the brain to the digestive system. 3 days ago, I found out what Vasovagal Syncope means. I have occasional painful cramping in my lower intestine, just annoying IBS, and when this happened last, I got very dizzy and passed out and hit my head. Pretty scary.
    So I went and had it checked out, got a CT brain scan and Troponin blood stress test for my heart and this thankfully turned out not to be serious and my head and heart are OK.
    The vagus nerve is connected to this triggered response and caused a drop in blood pressure and heart rate and so resulted in my passing out, or syncope.
    The vagus nerve connects to the heart, lungs, respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract among many other things and controls sympathetic functions, (fight or flight) parasympathetic, (slows you back down) and enteric functions (the gastrointestinal regulator and from what I read, is linked to digestive disorders).
    There's also studies of depression and anxiety related to the gut and brain link.
    So having a BM holds a little more anxiety for me now but at least when it happened, the dizziness came on slowly so if it happens again, I have time to lay down with knees up- instead of falling down. So there's that lizard brain lol- a secondary brain. Hope all this isn't TMI but if I am diagnosed with something, I want to understand it as best I can. And my inner geek did find all of this fascinating to learn about.

  19. This is awesome. Could you do an interview about pelvic floor therapy, bladder mesh implant, interstitial cystitis & how we suffer from so many suicides due to chronic pain. Plus the anxiety & guilt that goes with it?

  20. Yeaaah! I have Crohn’s disease and that’s so cool to see that I’m not the lonely one who’s chronically ill. All my love from France ❤️

  21. if people dont know what ulcerative colitis is there is a song hank green made called that because he also has ulcerative colitis

    its duponts chemicals that caused peoples to get it

    thx for this ha bisky vid

  22. Hey Kati! Super interesting video, thanks for that!! Could you talk about Selective Eating Disorder and Food Neophobia one day ? It could be super useful
    Have a nice day xoxo

  23. Kati, thank you so much for making this video! I have a condition called hydrocephalus that is caused by a brain tumor and I was diagnosed at 8 and although I didn’t process the weight and seriousness of my conditions until my 10th brain surgery last year, it has affected my mental health immensely. I have depression, anxiety and obsession issues but I also have a resilience that can only be built up by difficult events like mine. Your videos, especially this one, really helps educate me and allows me to see I’m not the only one. Thank you so so much!

  24. Kati, I wasn't going to write this but…wth. I was diagnosed with Aggressive Adult Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I'm an old sod so no big loss but, it shows another angle of dealing with trauma. I went through 3 rounds of chemo we call "red death" in America and 6 months later was told that was it and I should get my affairs in order. Knowing that your journey is done (although not having gotten off of the train yet) can be debilitating. It's very hard not to just ball up in bed and stay there. I'm going to copy/paste this on Kati Morton's channel as well to try to help others. What helps me through is a quote from Helen Keller saying; “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”. Stay strong !!!

  25. I don't have a stoma, but I'm disabled. I have a lot of surgery scaring and I use mobility aids part time. I find that with dating, it forces you to be honest from the start of sexy times, which makes things better! Since I have to say, no omg that hurts or whatever, I can also be free to express when it feels good etc. With the scars, I've only had comments from men saying they look cool lol. From women it's more from a place of listening and coming to understand where I am at with it. So, since I'm confident and don't care about the scars, the women I'm with don't either.
    What I find is hard is when I show up with a mobility aid, and then the conversation instantly becomes only about my disability. I actually sometimes refuse to continue talking about it! Because I say, being born with a disability has colored my entire life and touches every experience. So, I can't isolate the disability talk. While you're getting to know me, you'll naturally learn about my disability as well. Usually people are pretty cool. Or they just don't match me since there's mobility aids in my dating pics, in which case ignorance is bliss in that area.

  26. On the subject of hiw stress affects health, Dr Gabor Mate's "When the Body Says No: The hidden cost of stress" is an incredible resource and eye opener. It was also initially recommended to me by a mental health intake worker.

  27. This is interesting when I was young I had a traumatizing experience with being really sick and in the hospital very young I have always wondered if it has attributed to some mental problems I have and issues I have been dealing with… this was a great video thank you!!!

  28. I have Crohns, which is so similar to UC that it takes months or years to diagnose which one a person has (if either – I'm still in the process really) and I had no idea she had UC. this is so cool to find out

  29. Hi Kati, I know this is a year old but in case you are still using this mike- some mike's can pick up on the signals emitted by phones to satellites, and from gaming consoles. I think this may have been the source of the buzzing. Hope this helps!

  30. I'm sorry Hannah you went though the ileostomy, and also endured so much chronic pain. Glad though that you are here a vibrant positive human being, so soon after your recent ordeal. It is psychologically encouraging. People need to see that you can come through such a daunting experience as still a beautiful, alive and sexual human being.

    My moderate to severe pan-colitis only got quite painful towards the maximal extent of the inflammation, and only at the rectum end not the ascending or transverse colon. So mostly my colon did not hurt me much when I was having several urgent evacuations a day. Remarkably I was spared surgery with biologics.

    It's strange that extensive ulceration didn't cause much pain most of the way while other things like iron supplements or aspirin or other digestive discomfort could cause definite pain in the general area.

    But I'm happy and grateful I haven't experienced flares or too many recurrent or debilitating issues. Take care and thank you.

  31. I talked to a returning patient at the hospital who had the J pouch surgery done, and despite having extremely competent surgical care she has experienced chronic, painful problems with the surgery that haven't resolved over the years. Nice cheerful woman but quite down on this procedure. Like many people there she was Ashkenazi which factor is a particular genetic predisposition.

    Edit 1: so to clarify the removal of colon isn't really a removal of the autoimmune dysfunction, or free of those effects and complications. It varies individually, sometimes regardless of predicted genetic input. So that won't be fun for any of us having to make that j-pouch decision.

    Edit 2 : 12:30 it's called Toxic Megacolon and this is very serious or fatal. Probably how my mother died.

    Edit 3: taking about poo and colons is really tricky. People often rather say 'stomach' and they prefer to ignore/forget the technical details of your very real physical complications and how they affect your life, which makes it even harder for them to be a good support in your life. Find better friends if possible.

    Also 22:00 this 'stomach brain' may be part of the Pneumogastric Complex (mentioned in books eg The Body Keeps The Score.)
    This author also talks about the role of trauma and IBD, which is the discussion of Katie's other video with Hannah

    All right, please literally take care of yourselves!

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