Eat Your Heart Out

Eat Your Heart Out

Atom C Presents

▒▐█▀▀ ▄▀▄ ▀█▀ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
▒▐█▀▀ █▀█ ░█░ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
▒▐█▄▄ ▀░▀ ░▀░ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒

▀▄░▄▀ ▄▀▄ █░█ █▀▀▄ ▒▒▒▒▒▒
░░█░░ █░█ █░█ █▐█▀ ▒▒▒▒▒▒
░░▀░░ ░▀░ ░▀░ ▀░▀▀ ▒▒▒▒▒▒

▒▐█▒▐█ █▀▀ ▄▀▄ █▀▀▄ ▀█▀ ▒
▒▐████ █▀▀ █▀█ █▐█▀ ░█░ ▒
▒▐█▒▐█ ▀▀▀ ▀░▀ ▀░▀▀ ░▀░ ▒

▒▄▀▄ █░█ ▀█▀ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
▒█░█ █░█ ░█░ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒
▒░▀░ ░▀░ ░▀░ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒

a valentines party you will never forget
Red & Black

*Special Birthday Set*

DJ Atom C was born and bred as the underground scene’s jack of all
trades. Beginning to spin at the tender age of thirteen, Atom C has
been able to craft a clean and talented style void of sloppy beats to
deliver a harmonically appealing auditory experience for all. DJ Atom C
is here to stay with his unique ability to flawlessly flow between genres
and keep the party moving until the sun comes up.




From humble beginnings as a 15 year old spinning for college frat
houses in New Jersey to performing his own brand of electrifying,
spine tingling productions and remixes, Anthony Nero has rocketed
to the top of the DJ world. After *(14) years behind the decks he
continues to create dance floor history weather performing on Fox
5 Morning Show or performing for packed crowds of 5,000 or more
all over the USA and around the world as a headlining DJ/Producer
and Promoter of his own monthly parties “Nerotic“ and “Lost and
With the closing of 2010 Anthony got a late Christmas present when
his remix for MOB’s “Sex Scandal” out on Off The Charts Records,
Hit #1 on the Juno Charts!

Anthony Nero is one of the most sought after djs in New York City’s
Hottest Clubs
as well as the Under Ground Rave Scene in all 5 Boros, esp His Home
in Brooklyn Ny

In New York City he has main floor residency and headlining
appearances in just about every single Superclub including Limelight,
Roxy, Sound Factory and 5 years at the legendary Tunnel. By 2002
Anthony was headlining at Club Exit, the biggest club in the USA,
playing his famous 8 hour plus marathon sets, taking the masses on
a journey every Saturday night after which world famous DJ Junior
Vasquez would split the night going on after him at 6 am. With the
success of this Saturday night party, Club Exit gave Anthony his own
Friday night and the rest is history. In 2005 he started his own
promotion company Nerotic Entertainment and in 2008 he started
a monthly residency at Pacha NYC, voted the #1 Superclub (2007,
2008, 2009) three years in a row by Club World Awards. The success
of his “Nerotic Parties” at Pacha, Webster Hall and China Club led him
to start the “Lost & Found” parties with fellow Tunnel DJ YentalBeats.
2009 also saw Anthony expand his Neroticparties overseas with killer
performances at Bed Supperclub in Bangkok and Fushion in Australia.



(MusicChoice, Beatport, Queens)

Dirty Dan is a 90’s club veteran; known internationally for his diverse
DJ sets, record release, and remixes.As a DJ, Dirty Dan has headlined
in clubs across North America, Europe and Mexico. Dan holds
residencies in Miami, NY & Texas. Dan is known for packing dance
floors with his unique style and gritty-bass-electro. Dirty Dan’s genre
bending blends, infectious mixing style, and an arsenal of live effects
are proven crowd pleasers.Technical skills as a House DJ combined
with the beat juggling/cut styles of a Hip-Hop DJ mesh together
bringing a hybrid form of club music for the new generation.
Dirty Dan’s mixes on Music Choice, have reached millions while
“DIRTY DAN’S PODCAST on iTunes” has thousands of downloads weekly
keeping him in the top 300 shows in the world! 2011 is becoming
quite a year for this talented DJ/Producer.

Dirty Dan

How Hard (Hardmind, Hard Kryptic Records, RO, Groove Therapy Mgt)

One of the most recognized names in the NYC Hardcore Techno scene
How Hard, aka The Pied Piper of Hardcore, has continued to rock
dancefloors throughout North America for years with his hard hitting
hardcore/gabber, hard techno, industrial, drum-n-bass, and more. As
an original artist as well as co-founder of respected NYC DJ crew
Hardmind and internationally recognized top-selling record label
Hard Kryptic Records, How Hard continues to branch out and conquer
the music industry.



Integrity (Hardmind, Drumasheenz, Groove Therapy Mgt, NYCR)

According to Wikipedia, integrity is a concept of consistency of actions,
values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes.
For more than ten years, DJ Integrity has strived to serve and represent
the rave community without compromise, influence, or corruption to
fulfill the expectations his moniker implies. As a DJ, despite genre
evolution over the past decade, Integrity’s driving, deep, and complex
sound has remained consistent, but fine tuned and modernized along
the way. Still very active throughout the Northeast and having performed
throughout the US and Canada, Integrity is regularly booked year after
year which is quite an accomplishment considering the increasingly
highly competitive nature of DJing and the ever-changing trends in
rave culture. Integrity covers a wide range of trance, hard dance,
and techno with quick and calculated mixing and incorporates the best
examples of driving, body-moving, and mind-expanding electronic
music into his sets. Influenced by and trained during the 1990s-era
New York City rave scene and matured by years of performance, you
can rely on Integrity to deliver the authentic rave experience even
when others’ claim it is dead.



(Hardstylerz USA, Hard Dance Nation, Corson Agency)
Hard Onez is and always has been an American Hardstyle collective
started in 2000. The founding fathers of Hard Onez, DJ N3ck and
Decepticon, have always focused on mentoring and pushing rising
Hard Dance talent across the States. They have worked with artists
such as Activator, Vortex, Caffeine, Bizerk, Phutureboy and Used &
Abused. Collectively, Hard Onez has over 70 records released on
many known European labels, the main one being Explosive Records
Italy. After a brief hiatus, the creators have decided to bring on fresh
ears and minds. Teddy G is a well-known local East coast artist who
has been working in the studio with his team and mentors to fuse
the old school and the new school. So be on the lookout for new
releases from this new great collective!



(Digital Distortion)
Noomi Ra Born in Frankfurt, Germany & growing up in New York,
London, Dubai & everywhere in between.At a young age he was always
interested & listened to electric dance music but, never got into playing
his own. Finally in 2008 he started experimenting with DJing playing
his first gig on September 27 2010. Since then its been a roller coaster
ride from bringing in the new year @ the electric warehouse for over
2000 people on NYE to playing Pacha NYC and most recently playing
the Dance.Here.Now festival on Governors Island. The genre he plays
he likes to describe as Electro Trouse but, he plays a lot more including:
Trance, House, Progressive, Electro, Minimal, and Techno. Basically…
He says “I play anything that gets people to dance & blow their minds.”



Born within a sea of awesomeness near a remote hidden ninja village;
Hocus Pocus has been conjuring music and demolishing dance floors
up and down the east coast since 2008. Known for his elaborate high
energy sets with flawless transitions and juggling genres like Electro
House, DubStep, HardStyle, And Hard Dance. His unique way of track
mixing trickery, and entertaining the audience with charisma and
enthusiasm is sure to keep the crowd moving under his spell. With his
knowledge of production he now enters the studio to create a new
reason to chant his name. The release of his remixes and multi-genre
tracks debuting in early 2012 will be a fresh, new, unheard of wave of
auditory comfort. What you thought you knew about dance music will
never be the same.

Hocus Pocus is here to change the way you hear EDM and he is sure to
put the magic back into your life.



(Digital Distortion)
Born in Queens, NY GabyNoodle made her way into the scene about 2
years ago but waited to start playing for crowds up until August, 19th
2011. Previously a member of PeekABoo GoGo, she realized though she
loved to dance, the music is where her heart really is. Coming onto the
scene strong repping the moombahton and bass culture movement but
she is all about variety and surprises. Her Influences includes names
such as Dave Nada, Nero, Aphex Twin, Goldie, and Benga. Though still
just starting out she is taking the scene by storm showing that the ladies
still can play with the guys. Working with the event production company,
Digital Distortion expect to see this noodle at parties all over. She knows
no boundaries and is ready to display her style!



Valentine is a DJ/Vocalist, trained in a variety of classical and
contemporary genres. The eclectic backgrounds come together in
smashing sets that catch interest from all sides and end with bodies
movin’ and groovin’ on the dancefloor. Sets include Electro House,
Dubstep, Dutch House, and more.

Although she’s only been DJing on the scene for under a year, Valentine
has already been wrecking the hottest clubs in NYC, including Irving Plaza,
The Grammercy Theater, Santos Party House, Le Souk, Bar 13, The Bell
House, DROM, and Falucka, as well as for organizations Dubday Mondays,
The Wolf Party, CAT PHACE, The Underground Rebel Bingo Club, and Ears
2 the Ground.

In October 2011, she won the coveted spot as Resident DJ at The Wolf
Party every Tuesday at Le Souk. Building moment in 2012, she also became
the newest addition to the Feed The Starving Artist family, as a Resident
DJ for Dubday Mondays at Bar 13 in Union Square. As a vocalist, she is
slated to release a collaboration track, ‘On Fire’ with Monikkr on Rocadence
Records later this year.

She is also a recurring visitor on radio, as she is the host of Ears 2 the
Ground Radio on WHCS in New York City, featuring guests such as Sazon
Booya, DJ SEGA (Mad Decent), Midnight Conspiracy, Gosteffects, Monikkr,
Soundwavve, and Subset, among others. Valentine has been featured on
WFNP, LiveDJUnderground, and Radio4by4.

A social butterfly at that, she’s had the pleasure of sharing the stage along
with DJ SEGA (Mad Decent), Alex English, Monikkr, Subset, DJ JEss, and
Fat-EZ (Sex Cult) along with other good company. In November 2011,
she became a part of the record label Hidden Recordings, bringing the
latest underground techno to listeners everywhere.

Valentine is currently making moves in New York City’s blossoming electro
scene, and is looking forward to Djing with SKRILLEX, AC SLATER, and
UDACHI on January 31st in Webster Hall.


Crisis Kid


A breakthrough force on the NYC underground, DJ/Producer Crisis Kid
has been turning heads with powerful sets and original productions. His
strong connection with the crowd provides for an energetic and
unrepentant immersion of aural enlightenment. Boundless in variation
and uncanny to progression, this marvel of mayhem never restricts himself
to a certain conception of genre. Specializing in audio energy manifestation,
Crisis has showed up on bills with the likes of Chase & Status, Designer Drugs,
Gladkill, Method Man, Joro Boro, Sazon Booya, Hellfire Machine, Boogie Boy K,
WCKids, and a whole bunch of homies from the NYC underground! He currently
resides weekly at the notorious “DUBDAY MONDAY” and is slowly but
surely cementing the party’s imprint on BASS culture.
“ … and suddenly it felt so pure.


Boogie Boy K

All of Boogie’s performances displays a unique talent for connecting with
his crowd changes with each venue. He does, however, maintain
consistency through his objective of delivering a “very intense energy set”
throughout each performance.Given a few tracks of warming up, Ken will
challenge your taste and sense of what a EDM DJ should sound like. Few
master the flow of seamless genre shifting within one set with such
technical mastery. His Hip Hop roots and style are very present during
his sets especially while spinning Baltimore Club music. He’s also been
known to execute sessions of straight ahead Dubstep and Drum & Bass
without an ounce of deviation. Many factors contribute to where a set
will go, but the final product won’t be known, even to Himself, until the
very end when it’s over. Promoters find it a pleasure to work with him
because of his practical down to earth attitude about life and business.
He best describes himself, with a smile, as “low maintenance” and is
genuinely interested in the success of all parties involved during his
performances. He always whips the crowd into a frenzy and this is, after
all what counts as the “bottom line” for promoters who are looking to book
a DJ; the biographical information might help sell the event, but the
promoter wants a guarantee that the DJ will create the sort of excitement
that drives up drink sales and builds the the venue’s reputation. As Ken’s
popularity continues to quickly gain momentum, his reputation for
consistency and artistry also continues to make its mark throughout
the circuit scene. BBK is currently working on songs/remixes alongside
a few other DJ/Producers & Artists to be released soon as well.



Mischief is the destructive alter-ego of Cameron Kush, a 21 year old
producer/songwriter from Los Angeles who’s been keeping it filthy in
New York City.

Mischief has been leaving his mark on NYC’s underground electronic
music, and nightlife scene recently at events such as Underground
Rebel Bingo, Gods of Bass, Chaos, The PokéBall, CAT FACE, Passion
Faction’s Panic!, Pussy Power, Jungle Bungle, DUBDAY MONDAY,
Webster Hall’s Bassment Saturday, and Ears to the Ground’s PROBABLY

Mischief destroys audiences with complex, yet catchy mixes of
Moombahton/Dubstep/Electro/DnB that cause your body to vibrate.
Mischief spins dirty party music that makes the walls shake.

Mischief has shared the stage with amazing artists such as DJ SEGA,
Subset, Face, Monikkr, Tektonik, Tjani, Jamieson Hill, RPEG, Noomi
Ra, Yental Beats, Kid Royale, Coolaide, Blacky II, EEKO, Valerie Valentine,
Dirty Dan, W@X, Wink-E, and John Bas at venues such as Irving Plaza,
Webster Hall, the Gramercy Theatre, The BellHouse, Public Assembly,
The Lab, The Cage, The Cove, Hotel Chantelle, AnimA, Santos Party
House and Lit Lounge.

Cameron Kush studies as a producer/artist in the Clive Davis Institute
of Recorded Music at NYU’s TISCH School of the Arts.

Become a fan:
Original Production/Remixes:
Moombahswag Mixtape:



Brandon “W@xMasster” Berkeley began his journey through the vast world
of music at the very curious age of 5. Everything from classical to pop to
grunge to metal captured his developing mind before finally falling in love
with house music at age 9. Having experienced dance music scenes in
France, Panama, Brooklyn & Queens(New York), W@x decided to start
mixing his own favorite tracks at home as a teen. It wasn’t until November
2010 that the young dj decided to set his sights on the NYC EDM
(ElectronicDanceMusic) scene he has grown to love. Through hard work
and hours of practice everyday, W@x is slowly working his way through
the ranks of young multi genre Djs in NYC. He has recently shared event
lineups with; Neophyte, Atomic Babies, 2rip, Cutman, Venom, X-dream,
John Bas, and Dj Knowledge. And even more recently W@x has become
the newest addition to the event production/promotional company
Digital Distortion(NYC). At just 21 years, and now under the wing of
rising NYC DJ Noomi Ra(Digital Distortion CEO) the future looks bright
for this young man.


Felix Bizzare

Felix was introduced to the underground electronic dance scene in the
summer of 2010. He instantly fell in love with the music, vibes and
people. His tastes for music changed completely as he discovered the
harder styles of edm. The sound of the harder styles now ran in his veins.
He was completely addicted to the hard bass kicks and the beautiful
melodies of this amazing music. As 2010 came to a close, he decided
he wanted to take his love of music to the next level and share it with
the world. Thus Dj Bizzare was born, rocking dance-floors with the
BANGING sounds of UK Hardcore and Hardstyle. With only a year of dj
experience under his belt he has already shared lineups with big names
such as Neophyte, Rob Gee, and DJ Delirium. In addition to being an
upcoming dj in the scene, Felix has founded Audiophiles Productions
to throw events of the top caliber.



Hardcore is an addiction. Introduced to the scene in 2010, he became
hooked on the crazy vibes and the harder styles of the music. It wasn’t
long until he decided to try his hands on the decks. Since then, Gengar
has shared lineups with legends such as Rob GEE and Delirium, as well
as local favorites like Beast, Wink-E, John Bas, Candy Kid, How Hard and
many more. Along with being an aspiring DJ, Gengar has partnered up
with his good friend Bizzare to start Audiophiles Productions to throw
the kind of events he has come to love so much. With the help of the
many DJ’s he has befriended, Gengar remains humble, pushes for
improvement every day and works to bring his love for the scene
and aggressive style of music with every performance.



Ever since his DJ debut at Christmas Glow Sprite has been hooked to the
NY Rave Scene. While blending genres ranging from dubstep to drum n
bass to electro and everything in between, his unique style infested with
wobbles and sick beats takes over your mind and sends you on a journey.
Expect a lot of high quality mixes, original productions, and hot
performances in the future. Sprite is influenced by artists such as Figure,
DJ Hype, Tantrum Desire. Sprite is signed by NYCravers,Chemical Warfare
Records and MD Productions.


Jake Dukes


JAKE DUKES began his DJing career at Meant 2 Be During the Summer of
2011. Meant 2 Be was the crucial make or break point for Jake Dukes…
With a crowd of over 2-300+ outside of THE HANGER, Jake Dukes threw
down a dirty electro set that had people dancing all throughout… This
event was what started the hype and informed people what Jake Dukes
was all about.

Now, in 2012, Dukes has performed at many events and shown many
people what he is made of. He is determined to spread his style to thouands,
millions, however many possible…

Jake Dukes loves feeding off the vibes of the crowd… The more you put
out the more he throws down. Keep that in mind when seeing Dukes Live…

Peace and Love to all the amazing, beautiful CREATURES OF EDM! YOU



A Dj Duo from brooklyn new York Blending genres And different



FUNK GRIZZLY This band is fairly new to the game but surely knows
how to make good music. If you check out their sound you’ll find a
giant gradient of styles, varying from jam all the way to hip hop. Being
a two-man band they have figured out how to make their talents
compensate for lack of any other members. In a way that only a special
connection between two people can form. With Alex Carfi on keys and
producing, and Alex Timo on guitar, these two Alex’s will bring the
soul you need in your sound.


Atom C
Valerie Valentine


Dirty Dan

Noomi Ra
Hard Onez (aka Teddy Glow)

How Hard

Hocus Pocus
Gaby Noodle

Crisis Kid
Boogie Boy K


Felix Bizzare

Jake Dukes



For Address info please visit
sign up here
or call
(209) Atom C 4 U

Event location will be announced 24-hours before the event via email *NY*
2 Floor Brooklyn Venue With Fully Stocked Bar’s on Each Floor
Coat Check Available

Concert Quality Sound
Provided By Audio Lust
the following link is there promotional video.

Official Photography By
Sam Freund
Edwin Pac-Man
Taylor Flash
Daniel Hart
Tiffany Reptar
Erica Joy

Other Things To Expect
Gloving Competition
hosted by the one and only Blaze Darko
1st place prize – Comps for life to all Atom C Presents events
2nd place prize – 5 Comps to any Atom C Presnts event of your choosing
3rd place prize – 1 Comp to any Atom C Presents event of your choosing

With Support From
Original Brooklyn
Stuck On Earth
Kyle Kingzly
Digital Distortion
Star Party Promotion

Red & Black


$20 @ the Door Before 12
note: purchase presale for guaranteed entry!

18+ to enter 21+ to crawl out


dont have a printer. thats ok. we can scan the ticket straight off your phone

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