Dubai Prostitution / Raw footage of Dubai Prostitutes on the street uncut

Dubai Prostitution / Raw footage of Dubai Prostitutes on the street uncut

Yes, Prostitution exist in Dubai, I will not deny with this fact. But Being an Independent Dubai escort I believe Dubai is the only place / city where human

Dubai has gobs of money flowing, a multinational set of residents who are mostly male, and huge numbers of tourists. You bet your bippy there’s prostitution in Dubai.

There is a lot of prostitution in Dubai. Its largely confined to clubs and hotels, and there’s extensive, very thinly veiled advertising done for both gay and straight prostituion over the Internet. There’s also human trafficking for the purposes of prostitution from the former Soviet republics, Asia and the Phillipines.

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Disclaimer: I do not have rights over any music used in the background This content is my own opinion and created with purposes of entertainment. Camera used: Filmed with Canon 250D Edited with: ClipChamp – Video Editor
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00:37 streets for Africans
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16 thoughts on “Dubai Prostitution / Raw footage of Dubai Prostitutes on the street uncut”

  1. You're right dear, man can not stay without a woman for sure for a very long time. But there are also other men who are not addicted to that thing. I hope that they have a decent job that can help them out than the worst job they're doing now.

  2. It's not only about the fast money that they are gaining
    Also some of them rob and steal , but that only when you go with her full crowded (Accommodation and Room)
    But if they want to return home they can return easily
    And if you are looking for a job definitely you find one
    Maybe This is human tracking , that Y they can't return
    But they can report to their Embassy if they are not Enjoying This type of life.
    And guess what, This activity is 24hrs either daylight or when it is dark, they're very hungry in DXB.

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