Drop out Venus - Elastic Teen Rent

Drop out Venus – Elastic Teen Rent

Mentioned by SUEDE http://thequietus.com/articles/13079-suede-favourite-music
Featured on Noisey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Facftbyf9Vw

Directed: Valeria Meng & Roman Knipping-Sorokin
Camera: Parya Kamyab, Halina Hickford
Edited: Valeria Meng
Colorist: Philipp Morozov
Starring: Iva Moscovich/Chris Moscovich/ERHD Rowes/ King Headswim
Produced By King Headswim & Dirty Bingo Records
Song written by Drop Out Venus

Drop Out Venus:

Speaking to the video, King Headswim, the band’s artistic collaborator, said:
“Scarlet is a character based on encounter the band had with a damaged z-list celebrity. This is her song. The video a homage to the myriad home-made music videos and sex tapes created by hundreds of aspiring
‘stars’ that flood the internet daily. We worked with EYESONTHEWALL to reconstruct this wanton exhibitionism, in an opulent rural manor house we managed to get for free for the day. The blue wig was burned after filming.
Singer/guitarist Iva noted:
This is a weird song. It’s based on an experience that Erhd had with someone. It’s a pretty miserable song. I affectionately call it our bubblegum porn song to myself. I don’t know if Chris and Erhd would agree. I think that they would. It’s a sad story.

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