Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Season Pass Dragon Ball GT DLC RANT/ Analysis

Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Season Pass Dragon Ball GT DLC RANT/ Analysis

Dragon Ball Xenoverse will feature the Dragon Ball GT arc! So here are the latest scans leaked for Xenoverse and it looks as if we may see Dragon Ball GT’S arc included in story mode. If there are any doubters in the comment section who still have a lot of hate towards Dragon Ball Xenoverse, I can truely say that the hate is so unwarrented considering we’re getting all this this and much more. At the Jumpa Festa convention, Masayuki Hirano stated that they wanted to focus more of their attention on Dragon Ball Z characters and less on ther acrs that are uncannon. This may be a main part of the game or it could just simply be DLC to satisfy fans who were disappointed in the lackluster roster announcement earlier this year. Dragon Ball GT may have it’s flaws a non-canon series, but it more than make up for it with it’s interesting character designs done by Akira Toriyama himself. Characters such as GT Trunks, GT Kid Goku, and GT Pan can be seen in the scans. Not sure if GT’s Trunks will have his own moveset seeing as he’s sporting a sword similar to the one he wore in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse contará con el arco de Dragon Ball GT ! Así que aquí son los últimos scans filtrados para Xenoverse y parece como si se nos permite ver el arco de Dragon Ball GT incluyó en el modo historia . Si hay algunos que dudan en la sección de comentarios que aún tienen mucho odio hacia Dragon Ball Xenoverse , puedo verdaderamente decir que el odio es tan unwarrented teniendo en cuenta que estamos recibiendo todo esto esto y mucho más . En la convención Jumpa Festa , Masayuki Hirano dijo que querían centrar más su atención en los personajes de Dragon Ball Z y menos en los TCA ther que son uncannon . Esto puede ser una parte principal del juego o podría simplemente ser DLC para satisfacer a los fans que nos decepcionó en el anuncio roster mediocre a principios de este año . Dragon Ball GT puede tener su defectos de una serie no-canon , pero más que compensar por ello con todas sus características interesantes diseños hechos por el propio Akira Toriyama . Personajes como GT Trunks , GT Kid Goku y GT Pan se puede ver en las imágenes. No estoy seguro si Trunks del GT tendrán su propio set de movimiento ya que él se está divirtiendo una espada similar a la que llevaba en Dragon Ball Z.

Published By: Bandai Namco
Developed By: Dimps
Platforms: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, & Microsoft Windows
Release Date: February 24, 2015


25 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Season Pass Dragon Ball GT DLC RANT/ Analysis”

  1. Random I'm a VERY BIG FAN of your Game movies, I even got other ppl to check out a few…… was really wondering ,more like hoping you have ANY of DBZ movies yet me & a few friends of mine would like to see some DBZ G,movies

  2. Don't mind paying for the dlc, but they better let us replay the missions as much as we want and don't have to wait for a reset. If I have to wait for a reset to where we can only play the mission or PQ one week at a time to get drops than that's going to be an issue with me. I left dc universe online because of it. I mean you can play the missions over and over without getting any drops in dc, but I hope that dbz xenoverse does not do this. Because if they did, I will have to problem leaving this game as well. I played dc for 3 years and got tired of paying for their crap that glitches all the time.

  3. So… I just figured I would ask this, but does anyone have any idea why the 360 isn't included for the DLC? Every source I've read, even on Xbox, has it that the 360 doesn't have a Season Pass for it (yet the Xbox One does).

    So, what? Will the 360 version be excluded for the DLC or something?

  4. I don't so much mind paying for the season pass, because it sounds like they'll be giving us a lot of extra content, to an already loaded game.  What pisses me the fuck off is that I had no idea about the SSJ4 Vegeta bonus for pre-ordering, and it sounds like he will not be included in the future DLC.  I completely understand those who pre-ordered being rewarded with that character at no extra charge, but you're telling me that I still don't get him despite spending a total of $85 for the game?  C'mon man!!!

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