'Drag Queen Christmas' show will restrict entry to minors after religious protesters raise objection

'Drag Queen Christmas' show will restrict entry to minors after religious protesters raise objection

GOP lawmaker says drag queen show could violate child pornography laws. LGBT groups call his argument “a gross misinterpretation” of the law.


24 thoughts on “'Drag Queen Christmas' show will restrict entry to minors after religious protesters raise objection”

  1. Men I feel bad for all the high school kids (who are exposed to worse things on Twitter) who not aloud to come see show. Straight white men always messy up people fun. He at least could have brought a ticket and saw the show.

  2. You don’t have any right to do your act in front of children, period! We don’t believe that you’re not trying to groom our kids…If you’re not trying to groom the children then you shouldn’t be upset that this sexually explicit content is being kept for adults only.

  3. the religious it seems they dont complain about viollence gamea and viollence movies but they complain about something homosexual sexual , there is something suspicious , males are sexual , females are not sexual , females are asexual , so censorship should only exist only in anti badness ugliness , being sexual is bad only if is about females because only females are asexual , asexual mean not being sexual , males of all ages function differently than biological females , that censorship of misouri is based on religiousness and religiousness must disapear from earth as religiousness is about harming a male of any age , males function based on sexual afection that how we are biologically , if we try afection only without being sexual then we dont feel , females is asexual which mean not being sexual , females are not compatible with males , what they do to childrens is to inform them about how we homosexuals function , is called whistleblower and confession in a homosexual feminine male way , you trust to much a religious church leaders. telling you that you should accept bad ugly because is based on god , being sexual for males mean pureness and informing others , while for females being sexual mean not being pure that why males are opressed sexually in the name of females , opression in the name of other sex has to stop , other sex called female dont have rights over a biological male , now we see the truth that those religious have a impression that a male is owned property and slaves and america has entire history of slavery and even today it function based on slavery that slavery is called maskulinity ugliness killing in the name of universe functionality , yesterday i was hearing how pigs in my town yell in all directions because they are cut the thrat in the name of god christian celebrations and me i v got into masive sadness blaming the ones with natural law because that pig dyng is natural law which mean the peaceful safe ones die ….. that what is happening a sacrafice of peaceful in the name of mother nature and the censorship of homosexuals is a excuse to do not let males be sexual with other males and boys to do not be sexual with other boys which mean sexual afection between males which mean opresive regime in the name of mother nature , mother nature has many things to hide from the public that why is happen what is happen , they always hide something , religion mean having something to hide and be suspicious

  4. These drag “queens” are pedophiles! They were half naked perfoming sexual acts in front of children while also interacting with them! “Smear campaign”? Leave the children out! Is disgusting! That is not called art, is called pedofilia. Grown man, dressed like women in a sexual manner in front of kids. Wrong!

  5. This is not about LGBTQ rights. This is about child sexualization and pedophilia normalization. This is child abuse. Mayor Nation, If any Children are touched at these events you and all of the city council members will be held culpable in a court of law.

  6. There is going to come a point in time where people see law enforcement and the government as completely useless and corrupt. The people are going to take matters into their own hands, and they are going to become the government due to the current system's incompetence. Exposing real and pretend genitals to children, and having simulated sex in front of them, and talking about sexual acts to children, are all horrible things. This has to be stopped. These performers need to be put in prison.

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