Downtown Hope Center | ADF Client Story

Downtown Hope Center | ADF Client Story

The Hope Center is a Christian non-profit organization that offers job skills training, daily meals, laundry, and clothing for the homeless men and women in Anchorage – all free of charge. It also offers a free overnight shelter for women – many of whom are trying to escape from abusive situations and even from sex trafficking. “Inspired by the love of Jesus”, the Hope Center’s mission is to “offer those in need support, shelter, sustenance, and skills to transform their lives.”

But, Anchorage officials are going after the Hope Center because of their Christian beliefs, twisting the law in order to do so. And now the future of this vital ministry is at risk.

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5 thoughts on “Downtown Hope Center | ADF Client Story”

  1. oka now idk how I stand on this. From what I know there is basically NO shelters for men, and some that have popped up have been shut down by crazy feminist. [one dedicated to men only] So it seems good to allow men but then again…. it causes issues since a lot of them have been abused by men plus its built for a purpose and the goverment-State-city is forcing them to go against that.

    Im for it staying female only
    But im also against it staying female only
    Kind of torn on not knowing what would be good, cause both are good.

  2. During the O.bama Aministration some states FORCED prisons to jump on the genderism bandwagon. One trans woMAN was assigned to a female prison per zher request. After many many women in the prison wond up pregnant, zhe was eventually moved out of The female prison.

  3. I do believe that the hope center is doing a grate things for the women's. I am a man but still I agreed that it should be for women's only. I also don't agreed transgenders be aloud where women is recuperating their trauma from their abuse. You see, I am a Male nurse and work at one of the hospital that also help on women that was abuse sexually and and falling into drug habit for their depression. But than goverment say that mas also need to be help also it violate their rights. I do agree that mas should be help but in a diferent centers for mens. Now since the hospital decided to allowed man who wanted to get help also and for their drug addiction. Well, let me tell you this as a Male nurse that work at this hospital and saw the reality what happen. Once they allowed this man's at the same hospital that was help the women's it did not take long that the men's cross over to the women to be raped or molested and the blame it at their addiction. It did not take more long that it was getting really bad that the women end up getting pregnant. So now he hospital decided to split the award into two deciding the man's and the women's so it can be control. I can tell you it is a true fact of this witness that happen and this agenda of the government must stop. So I do believe that the hope Center it is doing a great job and I do support that is should stay for women's only which means also no transgenders. If the government wants to allowed this act of abusing their power. Why don't they built a hospital or a center for help on man's that also be need and that I will do agreed so it won't be any casualties in the future. That is my belief and a true fact since I have witnessed a lot. Again i do believe also supporting the hope Center for women's also.

  4. Lefties don't care about women any more than Stalin cared about Russians or Xi Jinping cares about Chinese. To lefties, people are just pawns to be used and manipulated for political gain, and then thrown away to make room for the next group of suckers. Think about that the next time you lose your mind and think about voting for a Democrat.

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