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Do Rough Love Making and Achieve Extreme Female Orgasm (Top 3 Secret Orgasm Tips)

In today’s world, more than 80 percent women prefer rough love making most of the time. Do not take me wrong here because rough love making does not mean doing violence for achieving extreme female orgasm. It is full of fun, excitement, wildness and also satisfies the aggressive sides of couples.

Rough love making is the greatest way to keep a relationship interesting. You just need to understand how to fulfill the wild desires of your partner with your sex skills and switch off the brain of your woman by giving her extreme orgasm every time.

Here are top 3 secret orgasms tips for achieving extreme female orgasm with your rough love making.

1. Open Sexual Doors of Women: First you have to open sexual doors of women for achieving extreme orgasms. You can open sexual doors in her mind by touching her in sexual ways. Grab her hairs and smooch her lips or suck on her neck time by time whenever she is cooking or doing some work because a seductive touch is always a pleasure for women.

You can even do some mind games for opening her sexual doors. Be a handyman and fix something in your home. Woman love those guys who are handyman. It is a secret weapon you can use for seducing her mind.

You just need to get her in the right sexual frame of mind. So fix something in your home and find the lioness in your bedroom.

2. Slow to Rough: Always remember this great sex tip because women love to start slowly for creating super hot environment. It can involve multiple things like role playing, seductive dancing or naughty shower. You just need to slow down all your movements because slow and detail approach will make her hot faster.

Slow sexual movements put sensations in women body and add fire to your bedroom. As soon as you see that she is getting turned on, put little roughness in your movement and start whispering dirty words. This thing will increase sensation in her body and she will roar like a lioness.

Use these rough movements to make her go wild with sexual pleasure:

Grab her hairs while stroking her from back.

Rub her butt and spank her often in a playful manner.

Push her up against the wall and hold her wrists above her head with one arm. Explore her body with your other hand and touch her private parts of body. Do open mouth wet kissing with her. (Extremely Powerful)

Let her feel your masculine strength by holding her waist or grabbing her butts and make a strong eye contact. This move will make her wet faster than putting your hands inside her pants. (Extremely Powerful)

3. Extreme Orgasm: You can get a woman into an extreme orgasm state pretty easily if you master the above steps. Use a lot of lubricant before stroking her for avoiding pain and friction. Rough love making is not about giving her pain. It is all about giving her extreme pleasure in sexual way and fulfilling her wild desires.

Keep a soft and intimate eye contact while stroking her in rough way. Hold her neck rather then choking her hard and dominate her. This kind of masculine domination will provide her extreme orgasm and she will see you as sexual GOD.

“Show her masculine dominance with rough love making and start your sexual relationship in a whole new way.”

Source by Marry Lengley

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