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Do Men Ignore You to Test You? Find Out the Main Reason Behind Why Men Test Women All the Time

Many women want to know whether their men would ignore or neglect them in order to test them. The answer to that is yes. Many men put their women through various tests in order to see if they are really in love with them or not. They also test women in order to find out if they are compatible or not. These tips will let you know how men can ignore you in order to test you.

Men will pretend they don’t care
Men can pretend that they do not care for you at all in order to know whether you are really interested or not. A man will seem to be uncaring and uninterested in you, when in actual fact he is madly attracted to you. He does this in order to find out if you will do your best to pursue him in spite of his disinterest.

Men will test you to see if you pursue them
Even though men love the chase and want to pursue women as a challenge, sometimes they will pretend that they are either too busy to chase you or involved with someone else. If you do chase him in spite of this, it proves that you are seriously interested and he will be satisfied.

Men will stop calling you
As a test to see if you will still pursue him, a man may stop calling you. He is actually waiting to see your reaction and what you are going to do about it. If you keep calling him to find out why he is silent it only proves your interest and attraction to him. He will stay away for some time just to test you.

Men will give your best friend more attention
Many men try to make their girlfriends jealous in order to test and see if they are really loved. A man will ignore you and pay more attention, or flirt shamelessly with your best friend in order to make you jealous and see how you are going to react. This show of jealousy will prove whether you love him or not.

Men will go overboard with their liking for sports
Men are sometimes afraid that the women they are dating will start interfering with their interests and hobbies once they get serious with them. This is why a man may go overboard and get totally immersed in his sports and hobbies just to see his girlfriend’s reaction. He is in fact testing her to see if she would become a stumbling block to him in the future.

Men will invite others along
A man can go to great lengths to test his girlfriend. He might ignore her completely and make sure that every time he takes her out, he invites a whole lot of friends along! If she shows her impatience and annoyance at being made just “one of the crowd” it proves that she wants to be special.

Men will not compliment you
Men sometimes need to know if the woman he is dating is insecure, vain and needs to be complimented all the time. Since this can be pretty exhausting for a man, he will test her in this department by ignoring her. He will refuse to compliment her even though she looks adorable and see if she gets annoyed, upset and angry.

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