DIY Self-Charging Drone- with JLCPCB!

DIY Self-Charging Drone- with JLCPCB!

JLCPCB and I build a landing pad for my DJI Spark that lets me take off, land, recharge, and take off again- all without touching my drone. Support me and visit:
DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone:
Like all my work, this is completely Open Source:

Small tips are always appreciated🙏 or if you sponsor me monthly, you get to see my videos a week before anyone else and support my work (but only if you can without hardship because I’m probably going to spend it on beer and women😜):

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29 thoughts on “DIY Self-Charging Drone- with JLCPCB!”

  1. Would be great to have a program for automatically flying to the (next available) charging Pad with an Automatic Landing Sequence. And another one to Continue flying back to that Point of flight Where you interrupted for charging …?

  2. Hello Naomi,
    I replicated the "checkerboard" system and the printed circuit that is connected to the spark, I checked the voltages and everything is correct. The only difference is the DCDC converter on the spark printed circuit, I used a VXO7805 DC / DC Converters 6.5-36Vin 5Vout 0.5A
    instead of the TPS63070RNMR; but unsuccessfully, if the drone is on it will not charge.

    Any suggestions?

  3. That was so cool. What kind of camera is in that drone? The video captured by that drone was awesome. Very smooth. Major motion picture quality. My camera is always herky jerky. Even the still shots are blurry. Granted I'm not an uber tech geek professional like you. Those landings were spot on. I'm thinking , you've been doing this for a while.

  4. Como idea esta buena, pero en la practica es un error cargar las baterias inmediatamente despues de un vuelo. las baterias se calientan durante el vuelo y hay que dejarlas enfriar a temperatura hambiente antes de volverlas a cargar, de lo contrario estamos disminuyendo la capacidad y dañando las baterias. Las baterias de Litio polimero son muy sensibles a este tipo de procedimientos y para que la duracion sea optima deben cargarse con las recomendaciones adecuadas.

  5. what do you think about wireless charging apply for the launch pad ? Since there is no contact point, the drone can land anywhere in any way. Damage caused by corrosion at contact points can be prevented

  6. Can we make a drone travel around the world? Of course, it will have to travel on ships to get over the water, but still, it would be awesome to join people together to help the drone travel from person to person and capture shots from every place it visits.

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