Dirty one night sex in Pakistan - Tauseef-ur-Rahmaan.

Dirty one night sex in Pakistan – Tauseef-ur-Rahmaan.

Halaala is Haraam. Watch the complete sermon “Teen Talaaq aur Halaala ki Churi”.


9 thoughts on “Dirty one night sex in Pakistan – Tauseef-ur-Rahmaan.”

  1. Halala is a misunderstanding of Islamic teachings in India and Pakistan.

    Many who propagated Halala didnt' know a way out and these Sheikhs were not the ones doing Halala it was any man who could assure to divorce the woman after marrying her.

    It was wrong but it was not done for any worldly benefits by Sheikhs

  2. In above clip the divorce of Peers' daughter took afterwards , and of Mureeds's daughter earlier

    The Peer might not have been knowing the Salafi Fatwa earlier when he suggested halala for Mureed's daughter.

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