Did the Royal Family Steal This $400 Million Diamond? | Empires of Dirt

Did the Royal Family Steal This $400 Million Diamond? | Empires of Dirt

As King Charles III prepares for his coronation, controversy is brewing on whether Camilla will wear a crown that holds a $400 million diamond allegedly stolen from India.

In our series Royal Empires of Dirt, VICE World News host Zing Tsjeng looks into the shady royal history that rarely gets mentioned.

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25 thoughts on “Did the Royal Family Steal This $400 Million Diamond? | Empires of Dirt”

  1. There’s no reason to give it back….this isn’t the playground you children. Eat a stick and get yourself an army and go get it…oh you don’t have an army that’s capable? Then piss off.

  2. Monarchy antiquated system of privelage should be forced to give stolen artifacts back along with British museums loot. I'm British and ashamed of the royals and looters like British museum.

  3. Just return it anyway. Diamonds are useless and worthless these days and they don't have any value at all. There's nothing anybody can do with diamonds these days, they are as worthless as a garbage on a necklace.

  4. U should make a video on how uk looted India for 200 years and got rich when it's just a small country with no resources
    How royal family enjoy there wealth because of millions dead bodies

  5. Lmao pakistan? 😂 Bruh you didn't exist in 13th century 😭 y'all try fixing your economy first you may don't even exist in coming 50 years 😂 than think about other things

  6. Every time I hear this topic come up, it just reminds me how petulant and stupid people are.

    The kohinoor belongs where it is. It belongs in the UK. The British won it fair and square. The diamond already has a history of ownership by right of conquest, what makes it different that the British have it?

    It was taken from the Singh Empire from the young maharajah Duleep Singh in the treaty of Lahore. The British explicitly demanded the diamond as tribute. It was signed by the dowager maharani and the maharajahs uncle who was serving as minister.

    Before them it was taken by the Singh’s from the Iranians. And before the then, the Iranians took it from the Delhi sultanate and before them they had taken it from the Mughals and before them it had been looted from a Hindu temple. Etc etc.

    It belongs in the UK, they took it fair and square.

  7. Complete non issue. Wheather it remains in UK or India or Pakistan. It doesn't matter. Public should not focus on this. It is a dispute between royals. It is so funny to see normal public asking it back. No body gives a damn.

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