Designer Vagina - Lets Design Your Intimate Areas

Designer Vagina – Lets Design Your Intimate Areas

Hi friends! this is Dr. Amit Gupta, a plastic surgeon. Today I am live on Instagram as well as on my YouTube channel. This is a very interesting session that we are doing today. I am streaming through zoom. The basic purpose of zooming is that I want to discuss about an important article that came today in Indian Express. So that is related to designer Vagina. Let us see that I am going to screen share. Now you can see an article on my screen. We know that there is a show on Netflix called “The fabulous lives of Bollywood wives.”. In which the wives of celebrity actors talk about designer Vaginas and this article has been written by a Gynecologist. Many controversial things have been written about this but it is okay because gynecologists do not do Vagina Surgeries. Because this is done by plastic surgeons. Plastic Surgeons know how to do Designer Vagina and in this video, I want to discuss with you what is Designer Vagina. What complications can a designer vagina have and why is it useful? Why designer vagina surgeries can be useful for a patient?

What is a designer Vagina? After childbirth and due to multiple sexual activities vagina gets loose. Vagina’s inner lips come out. and the female patients feel uncomfortable because of this. That constant wetness and bulk in the inner labia make them uncomfortable. The bulk seen from the outside in wearing a bikini makes them feel comfortable. Especially nowadays, when everything is available and visible on social media for free, then it feels comfortable. Some patients say that when wearing a bikini, their inner lips show out, due to which they feel embarrassed. I can’t show you the pictures because our video will be banned. Insta and YouTube are both very sensitive about this. Even though this is education but they take it as nudity. Inner lips are large, wrinkled and bounty, they are not tight. When we inject fat from the body, then a complete change in the way the outer lips look like there is something called O shot. What is an O shot? We do the patient’s plasma PRP in intimate or specific areas in the O shot. It increases the power of the patient to orgasm and leads to quicker climaxing

G shot is for patients who do not feel sexual contact. We enhance the G spot to inject the fat or filler into the patients’ G spot. Due to this, they feel better sexual contact and better sexual activity. Some patients whose labia majora are slightly enlarged may also need labia majora reduction. When we do all these things together in various co-mention, it is called Designer Vagina Surgery. We do vagina tightening in the common vagina surgery. Vagina tightening is different from the Designer vaginas.

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