Darius Slay Mic'd Up vs. Jets "Time Management is Sexy!" | Eagles Audible

Darius Slay Mic'd Up vs. Jets “Time Management is Sexy!” | Eagles Audible

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay has the mic for this week’s edition of Audible, presented by DraftKings.

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33 thoughts on “Darius Slay Mic'd Up vs. Jets “Time Management is Sexy!” | Eagles Audible”

  1. I'm so glad Slay is here. Love the way he carries himself. He's got enough swagger to elevate everyone around him. Hope he stays in Eagle green for a long time. Fun to watch him read a defense, so naturally. Hope Nelson sticks around too.

  2. Best trade Eagles made in recent memory. He’s completely filled the hole that Malcolm Jenkins left behind. Hes also funny af i can losten to him talk all day 😂 🦅

  3. Hopefully he stays for 2 more yrs stupid howie needs to draft gardner or stingley so they learn under slay we need good CBS before slay leaves .. maddox is decent but hes a pure nickel

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