Dad's In Death Row: My Killer Father (True Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

Dad's In Death Row: My Killer Father (True Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

John Battaglia was due to be picked up by the police in the morning, for violating his parole again. He was granted one last visit with his daughters, Faith, aged 9, and Liberty, 6 years old. When the girls’ mother talked with them on the phone, they were frightened. All she heard was them pleading ‘no, daddy, don’t!’ – followed by the sound of a gunshot. She screamed down the phone ‘Run girls, run!’

This documentary explores two horrific stories. With haunting interviews with the killers, plus emotional exchanges with the daughters, this brand new film presents two extraordinary crimes and their criminals in a open, revealing and honest light. Beautifully shot and with extraordinary access and co-operation from the murderers, Texan prison and staff, and even some protesters fighting for the life of one of the convicts, this film is a captivating look at true crime, and the families left behind.

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44 thoughts on “Dad's In Death Row: My Killer Father (True Crime Documentary) | Real Stories”

  1. I have never believed in the death penalty..I am from Aus we don’t exercise it here.

    However what this man did to his little girls makes me believe that for some there is no other option.

    There is no empathy.
    There is no remorse.

    I hope his eldest daughter finds peace.

  2. What a stupid bsh 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 seriously?!!!!! She sounds drunk or high first of all but "I hate what he did but that's my dad" good god. You already know she's had an abusive relationship or two

  3. As a Canadian I’m not a proponent of the death penalty. Having said that, when I see a person like this I can understand why it’s used. As I get older I’ve come to believe there are people who are born without souls, that’s the only way I can understand their behaviour.

  4. The way this evil pos says but now that I’m talking with my oldest daughter I like that with that Cheshire cat
    Smile on his wicked face gives me the absolute creeps is it just me or what? That was so strange to me a lot about him is I know but that really sticks out to me creepy disturbing but what do I expect he murdered gunned down 2 of his little girls and with their mother on the phone I can’t think of anything worse Truly I can’t I get so infuriated with this I’m so happy he is dead now!!! Poor Mary Jean I can’t even imagine I don’t believe I am strong enough to make it through something like this there’s no way man man wicked is real evil is real 😤😡❤️‍🩹💔
    Poor little Faith 😇 and Liberty 😇

  5. 13:18

    Who take these two innocent little girls life over a revenge. Mental illness is no excuse for anyone for taking people lives. They didn’t asked for death. He should been executed the day it was pronounced. He shouldn’t even been able to live couple years. John has no remorse for things he’s done to these two baby girls. Mom should done better job protecting turn if he has issues with custody arrangement.

  6. Why did Rodney, victims brother went to prison?

    John is the most unsentimental person I’ve meet. He doesn’t care what he did. It was all revenge to his ex wife. He deserve death penalty the day he killed those innocent kids. This whole another day was bogus

  7. Plenty of people live with mental illness but they dont kill people so stop using this as an excuse, these guys deserve everything they get. Why dont they feel sorry for the victims and their families instead of defending the killers???

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