Crowdfunding $6K target - help us bring KILLER BUNYIPS to life at cinema near you!

Crowdfunding $6K target – help us bring KILLER BUNYIPS to life at cinema near you!

Woohoo! We’ve done it, we’ve hit our first $3K target & it feels good! (see our VICTORY DANCE to witness just how happy we are) But the GAME IS FAR FROM OVER FOLKS!

FTW – our next GOAL is to raise $6K and EVERY PENNY will raise the production value that YOU see on screen. LET’S BRING THIS KILLER BUNYIP MOVIE TO LIFE!

The next $3K we raise together will give us the room in the budget to:
* build our own DIY dolly, camera pully rig and jib arm that will allow us to go bush whilst getting the crazy angles and smooth moves which will make you feel like you’re in a hollywood movie experience
* hire killer lenses so we can make those stunts and SFX look extra sexy on the big screen
* SFX & art department to make up the wounds that our poor heros suffer at the hands of this deadly PREDATOR pop and into the BUNYIP itself, so it can reach out and grab you in the cinema!

We have a killer cast and crew hard at work bringing our vision to life – a SFX/Creature Design team from the US, our lead hero and heroine are at the climbing gym training together every week, casting call backs with talented actors are happening next week, our DOP and Production Designer are being locked in as we speak and funky up-and-coming Aussie bands are banging on our doors asking to be part of the soundtrack – all we need now is a little bit of $$$ support from you, the FANS, to help us make this VISION into a GRIPPING REALITY!

So if you want to see an Australian legend brought to life at a cinema near you, make sure you PLEDGE to our CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN on

And make some noise on social media –
* LIKE our fan page
* TALK IT UP on twitter
* LEAVE A COMMENT on our blog

Want to know more? Read the script – DRAFT 3 has just gone up online and it’s a page turner!

Let’s hit this one out of the park and make crowdfunding history! We’ve got less than 30 days and we want to create a 200% win to show our potential sponsors, investors and distribution partners that we are coming for the BIG SCREEN and we can’t do it without YOUR SUPPORT. So tell all your friends, family and fellow filmmakers, horror movie buffs and indie lovers to PLEDGE at
and let’s cause a runaway success story that’ll give the world something to talk about!!

With much gratitude for your ongoing support,
Miri & Denby
Filmmakers behind The Bunyip Movie

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