Cool Kids Code In Javascript (with SEXY CODING FOOTAGE)

Cool Kids Code In Javascript (with SEXY CODING FOOTAGE)

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35 thoughts on “Cool Kids Code In Javascript (with SEXY CODING FOOTAGE)”

  1. What's the appeal of vi? It seems to me that editors like VSCode, Sublime Text and Atom are far superior. They are designed for writing code and color code based on different languages and have extensions so you can customize. They'll warn of syntax errors, spelling errors, variables not in use, and so on. They'll also autoformat, lint check, bracket match, auto-complete code, intellisense, auto-rename matching tags, auto-close tags, and so much more. I don't think vi does any of that, plus you have to change modes between insert, overwrite and command mode. If you forget your in command mode and start typing, suddenly you can find you've executed a long set of commands putting yourself in a weird state.

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