CM Elahi reminds ‘ungrateful’ PTI of Bajwa’s favours, warns it to keep criticism ‘within limits’ – Pakistan

Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi on Sunday reminded the “ungrateful” PTI about the “favours” of Gen (R) Qamar Javed Bajwa upon the party and warned it to keep criticism of the former army chief “within limits”.

In an interview with ARY News programme The Reporters, Elahi said the PTI should “remember Bajwa sahab’s favours and not be ungrateful”, adding that the former army chief “elevated the party’s stature from nothing” and supported the government on many international matters such as negotiating procurement of funds from Pakistan’s Arab allies or the International Monetary Fund.

“What do they (PTI) think of themselves? Have they descended from the heavens above? If any one of them speaks against Bajwa sahab then I will be the first to speak out and then our entire party will.

“They have made it a joke. Can a person be so ungrateful? To say whatever they want … stay within your limits. No one will say [anything more now],” the chief minister said.

“I told [PTI Chairman Imran] Khan sahab three months ago that Bajwa sahab is ours, yours and PTI’s mohsin (benefactor) so fear God and don’t speak against him.”

He said he had reiterated the same in his meeting with the PTI chief a day ago at Imran’s Zaman Park residence. “He (Imran) replied: ‘I’ve received many requests [not to speak against Bajwa],’ so I said: ‘Then accept them,’” Elahi added.

Regarding Imran’s subsequent announcement of the date for dissolving the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab assemblies with the two chief ministers at his side, during which he criticised the former army chief again, Elahi said: “The injustice that Imran Khan did is that making us sit beside him, he criticised Bajwa sahab in front of me.”

He said he had “felt very bad” about the entire situation but could not raise the issue since there were too many people and he could not have time for a personal meeting with Imran. “We will not tolerate this. He is our mohsin and we don’t hear anything against them,” Parvez added.

Since Gen Bajwa’s retirement, Imran has increasingly turned his criticism towards the former army chief and levelled a series of allegations against him.

In his 50-minute speech a day ago, the former prime minister continued chiding former army chief Bajwa for ditching him as “he was neither allowing him to proceed against the corrupt nor letting him know that he was playing a double game and getting PML-N and its allies to bring in the government through conspiracy”.

Personally, he claimed, Bajwa had continued assuring him that the PTI government would not be toppled nor the corrupt politicians installed to rule the country. “I did not speak against Gen Bajwa openly because he was the army chief and any comment could have earned a bad name for the institution,” Imran had said.

Imran had accused Gen Bajwa of unleashing torture, threats, humiliation, and fake cases against himself, his party leaders, office-bearers, workers, and even social media activists.

“Gen Bajwa committed a mistake but he never realised it, not even after seeing the reaction of the nation [which] sided [with PTI] soon after the toppling of my government,” the PTI chief had said.

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