Chromeo | Sound Advice

Chromeo | Sound Advice

Media coach Janessa Slater (Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer) meets the Montreal electro-funk duo Chromeo. Janessa brushes up on her French, so she can speak eloquently to the guys about music and love.

Janessa Slater is a media coach who is here to help your favorite artists fix their image, one joke at a time.

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Cast & Credits
Director: Pete Schultz
Created by: Jonah Bayer & Vanessa Bayer


24 thoughts on “Chromeo | Sound Advice”

  1. Top notch video. Chromeo is awesome, they seem like cool dudes and good sports, and the comedy was solid. Seemed like a sort of roast/anti-joke hybrid, with pretty good delivery. Reminded me of Between Two Ferns, with Zach Galifianakis.

  2. "Sound Advice", like Vanessa Bayer's brand of humor, was never about funny ha ha comedy, it was more about funny strange. And this episode plays that up to eleven, more so when you consider that Bayer actually speaks French quite well.

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