Chinas Foreign Minister Highlights Strengthening Cooperation With Russia

BEIJING (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 25th December, 2022) Political and strategic mutual trust between Russia and China has strengthened over the past year, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

“Throughout the year, China and Russia have firmly supported each other in upholding core interests, and our political and strategic mutual trust has further strengthened,” Wang Yi said in his speech at a symposium on Chinese diplomacy.

The Chinese foreign minister added that in 2022, Russia and China have deepened their good-neighborly cooperation, while strategic cooperation has become “more mature and firm.” Relations between Moscow and Beijing remain “strong as a rock” and are not aimed against any third party, instead, they are based on the principles of non-alignment and non-confrontation, Wang Yi said.

“Such a relationship is free from interference or attempts to sow discord between the two countries and is immune to changes in the international environment,” the Chinese foreign minister said.

According to Wang Yi, Russia and China are rapidly approaching their goal of bringing bilateral trade to $200 billion and major joint investment projects are being steadily implemented, while the scale of settlements in the two countries’ national currencies is expanding.

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