Checkmate! That's the Tactic! | English Opening | GM Naroditsky’s Top Theory Speedrun

Checkmate! That's the Tactic! | English Opening | GM Naroditsky’s Top Theory Speedrun

00:00 Intro
00:35 First Move
00:55 Game
35:20 Analysis
59:30 Example Position

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31 thoughts on “Checkmate! That's the Tactic! | English Opening | GM Naroditsky’s Top Theory Speedrun”

  1. that's not a speedrun vidoe , that's a masterclass, daniel you're a legend , if everyone does his job as good as you the world would be a different place

  2. Danya ramping up the frequency of the content and I am here for it. The Only person on YouTube for which I will religiously watch every single video. All that is missing is a podcast hosted by Danya and Yasser or Danya and Hess!

  3. I love hearing the verbose explanations for learning purposes, but I keep thinking it must be tilting the shit out of his opponents when he takes forever to make a move that would normally never take so long if the verbosing wasn't happening. Personally when I play and this happens (my opponent takes forever to make an obvious move) it always tilts me and induces snap plays that I usually regret.
    I would bet money that a lot of the games in lower ELO where Danya's opponent blunders a piece in ridiculous fashion was likely the tilt they're experiencing from waiting so long for each move by Big D.
    Of course Higher ELO players are refined to not feel this tilt and logically use their patience to play proper, but I bet the low ELO players start to see the clock get low and play on hoping the clock runs out, completely un-aware that their actually facing a high-level GM LOL.

  4. I think it's best to include KID in the repertoire instead of Grunfeld since you're basically an expert of the former and it's kinda hard to find good material on it, it's also easy to transpose into it regardless of white's setup which makes it really versatile imo, I always try to play it against d4 but often get crushed because I don't know the theory at all lmao

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