Chat-up Lines | Sarah Millican

Chat-up Lines | Sarah Millican

I’ve got a couple of chat-up lines for you to try out, let me know which one is your favourite?

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Taken from Thoroughly Modern Millican (2012) – In this hilarious live performance, 2011’s British Comedy Awards’ Queen of Comedy, Sarah Millican gives instructions on how to make your own treadmill and examines the practicalities of having an orgy.

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29 thoughts on “Chat-up Lines | Sarah Millican”

  1. So nice to see this bit again. Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can possess. This is the funniest comic currently working in the world today my wife and I love her stuff.

  2. I use to like Sarah as a comedienne, BUT! Why oh why, does she have to resort to being so gross and disgusting to get a laugh.
    I don’t find her funny anymore,just a pathetic middle aged woman ( though she is only in her thirties) who i think is a huge embarrassment. I liken her to a “” Dirty old woman”
    Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Miranda, are far funnier than Sarah Millican will ever be and they don’t need to resort to abusive language and gross disgusting comedy.
    I must be one on my own because the audience thought her funny, or were they laughing out of embarrassment?

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