Celtics vs. Lakers: The biggest takeaways from the OT thriller | Get Up

Celtics vs. Lakers: The biggest takeaways from the OT thriller | Get Up

Celtics vs. Lakers: The biggest takeaways from the OT thriller | Get Up
Kendrick Perkins and Zach Lowe react to the Los Angeles Lakers’ 118-122 OT loss to the Boston Celtics last night.
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47 thoughts on “Celtics vs. Lakers: The biggest takeaways from the OT thriller | Get Up”

  1. Perk speaking on the lakers like they have their final roster. Moves will be made soon and they’ll improve.

    Secondly, He’s acting like the Celtics aren’t the best team in the east/nba. Give them their credit. That’s a. Complete team. Lakers competed, even with their lack of shooting.

    Zach lowe is an idiot. It’s no way you can tell me that if they get some shooters and keep Russ, a team is beating Lebron and AD in a 7 game series. The west is literally wide open. Nobody has separated themselves.

  2. I mean Lakers were some free throws away from winning this game. The takeaway should be that this team is playing hard and beat the Bucks, and should've beat Philly & Boston. Front office needs to make a move, because the stars are balling out.

  3. What convincing wins? They lost to the 2 of the worst teams in the west, and almost lost to the lakers last night who arnt even in the playoff picture; literally went down to the wire

  4. It's amusing that when any team plays bad, these 'analysts' always think of trading as a solution plan A. Get this, no active player on the Lakers roster was there when Lebron came. Everyone else was cut or traded. Granted they won 1 championship it doesn't appear that they're winning another one sooner than the Celtics (barring any Lebron James miracles lol). But the Celtics has kept the same core for the better part of the past decade and now they're on a mission to win.

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  6. I give LeBron a pass on being gassed out for those overtime minutes but AD should’ve had more to give. Russell scored nearly all their OT points. Those 3 have to close out those type of games and situations.

  7. Why is Perkins on tv giving his thoughts he not a real basketball host are even was a great player to speak on other players careers are teams struggling he was a bench warmer getting checks lol which ain’t bad but don’t allow him to talk like he a nba start now chuck yea but Perkins A BIG NO LOL

  8. Lakers should have lost that game from the very beginning. They're lucky the Celtics took their foot off the gas and let them get back in the game. AD played like the best player on the team except when he had to make those clutch free throws. LeBron had his moments in the 2nd half, but he also was a big part of the reason they lost. Jayson Tatum was absolutely cooking him, and he settled for 3s because, let's face it. LeBron can no longer beat the better defenders off the dribble like he used to. They gave him room to shoot, and he shot the Lakers out of the game. Same with Westbrook.

  9. Refs gave the lakers so much more free throws, Celtics blew a 20 point lead, and the lakers still lost but sports media keeps talking about them a lot more than any other team in the NBA. Lakers are severely overrated.

  10. Yes, Lakers were 2 FTs away from winning against Boston, but that was a C’s team with a 3rd string center, without Horford and Williams, who has been on a road for almost 2 weeks with 3 games in 4 days (all against top teams) with the LA game being a back to back. Boston was gassed and had every excuse to let this one slip away, they would have closed the road trip on a 3-3 but they still won

  11. Same old storyline.
    Missed 2 FTs to ice the game in REGULATION! 😏
    THEY CAN'T WIN in OVERTIME..99.9% of the time..
    Unfortunately LBJ is doing TOOOO much…being out of gas..⛽️ and OVER THE hill…Not 23 anymore….how about stop shooting the 3pts the Coach requested. they always stop doing what got them the the Lead…

  12. Their collapse after that beautiful comeback and 13pt lead was pretty much the same as the Pacers game, when they stop moving the ball,playing Iso, jack up 3s, leaving opponent wide open 3 in transition and to add missing very important free throws like the Sixers games.

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