Call of the Void - Music Composition

Call of the Void – Music Composition

Music composed for the web series Call of the Void.

Call of the Void is a short web series about Shukri, a shy Muslim girl who gets sent to a rehabilitation clinic for young people at risk of radicalisation. In that clinic Shukri befriends a boy called Inaz and together they make it their mission to find out the truth about this clinic and what it’s doing to the young people that get sent there.

The series was developed and produced in collaboration with the Young People of Integrate Bristol/Integrate UK, based on their ideas and the issues that they were interested in exploring, some of the most prominent being the issues of radicalisation and racial stereotyping.

Through the young people’s eyes, Call of the Void presents a fresh and interesting perspective on these very current issues in our society.

Waris Gaspard as Shukri
Inaz Hussain as Inaz

Director: Oliver Zimmermann
Writing Mentor: Nathan Hughes
Director of Photography: Jacob Parish
Editor: Catarina Oliveira
Sound Designer: Angel Perez Grandi
Music Composer: George Laycock
Colour Grading: Christopher Lyons

Produced by Integrate UK and Zed Productions

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