BURN ARM FAT in 7 Days (sexy upper body) | 6 minute Workout

BURN ARM FAT in 7 Days (sexy upper body) | 6 minute Workout

Burn arm, upper body and shoulder fat in 7 days, with this 6 minute at home workout challenge. These arms and shoulder exercises will help you get slim, toned arms and lose bingo wings fat from home. For the best arms workout results, do this with my fat loss workouts and good nutrition. You can do this arms workout on it’s own, or together with the full 7 Day Upper Body Challenge.

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0:00 Burn Arm Fat Home Workout Introduction
0:14 7 Day LEAN Upper Body Challenge
0:45 Your Arm Workout Results
1:00 Lose Arm Fat Home Workout
7:04 You Made It

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Disclaimer: Please remember that we cannot spot reduce fat, meaning we can’t choose the areas on our body where we loose fat. However to get fat loss results I recommend the following:
1. Being in calorie deficit
2. Cardio/ HIIT workout (I often call these Fat Loss/Burn workouts on my channel)
3. Resistance training and specific muscle targeted workouts. To strengthen and develop specific muscles.
I have hundreds of other home workouts available on my channel, so you can pick and choose which workouts you want to do, to not only make you build a strong body, but also feel amazing.
Please remember every body is different and we all progress at different rates. The fact that you have shown up and completed this workout is incredible. You should be very proud of yourself for taking the steps to improve not only your physical, but also your mental health.
The key to achieving your fitness and health goals is consistency and healthy lifestyle changes, without restriction. I don’t believe in crazy fad diets. Simply eat nutritious food, move your body, smile and enjoy the journey! Love Lilly


46 thoughts on “BURN ARM FAT in 7 Days (sexy upper body) | 6 minute Workout”

  1. Doing this for 7 days!! ✨✨
    Day1: Fun but arms hurt a bit
    Day2: Easier than yesterday, arms hurt a bit tho
    Day3: can see a very slight difference but easy to do

  2. doing this workout for 14 days!! starting off, i have 30cm on my left arm and about 28-29cm on my right arm:

    day 1: ✅oh my god i have never hated a workout this much before. like the burn that my arms are feeling rn omg😭 i can tell that this is going to be a good workout already.
    day 2: ✅ my arms hurt so fucking badly.
    day 3: ✅ the burn is sooo badddd
    day 4: ❌
    day 5: ❌ wasn't free over the weekend😟 i'll probably do this for 15 days because i skipped 2
    day 6: ✅ felt even worse because i hadn't done it in 2 days
    day 7: ❌ i actually suck omg. i've been so caught up with final projects for school😭
    day 8: ✅ done!
    day 9: ✅
    day 10: ✅
    day 11: ❌ 😭
    day 12: ✅

  3. Hey, it's Europe 🌷 I am recording this comment on May 24 and I hope it will be a motivation for myself 💪My arms are really weak and I get tired quickly. I want to do this together with a few videos every day.

    – right arm : 31 cm
    – left arm : 30 cm

    Day one : 1 time
    Day two :
    Day three :
    Day four :
    Day five :
    Day six :
    Day seven :

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  4. So I have to fit in a top whose hands don't fit me in 6 days! [using 2 filled water bottles as a substitute to dumbbell]
    Arm: Apx 13 inches
    Day 1: Took breaks but did it! The burn tho-
    Day 2: No breaks but surely did some mistake while doing the 5th exercise!

  5. If I do this workout , waist workout, tight workout and burn belly fat workout, everyday for 3 weeks , would that mean I would most likely change my whole body in 3 weeks? Or should I just do one workout for one thing first?

  6. AHHHH WOW THAT BURNT. ima try this for “seven” days! I’ll take one rest day and I’ll be including other workouts (Ps. You can’t spot reduce fat, you must loose fat over all☺️)I’m also on my dads acc. Cuz I don’t gotta phone sooo..🤣
    Day 1: arm day, so I did others including this one. I used cans btw. Burnt the back of my neck like crazy and same with my biceps, not my triceps though 😕

  7. Llevo un tiempo pensando en qué puedo hacer para reducir mi tamaño de brazos en lo que se refiere al ancho. A lo largo del tiempo he perdido bastante peso pero jamás en los brazos y como no me gusta la forma en la que se ven, he empezado con esta rutina. La hago con pesas de 2kg en cada brazo.

    Día 1. Me ha costado bastante porque mis brazos no tienen una buena resistencia física pero lo he completado. Se me ha pasado el tiempo volando. Cuando me medí esta mañana, el diámetro era de 34cm, ¡a ver cuánto consigo disminuirlo! He hecho esto sin desayunar previamente y en la cama/suelo, no me ha sido para nada incómodo.

    Día 2. Ha sido un poco más duro que ayer pero veo que hay partes de aguante que consigo hacer con algo más de facilidad.

  8. hiii! doing this for a week to hopefully tone up my arms!
    day 1: doneee. wow the burn but it feels so good!
    day 2: done! it still burns haha
    day 3: omg burnnn but i think I'm getting stronger!
    day 4:wasn't as bad besides the tricep dips, those killedddddd
    day 5:
    day 6:
    day 7:

  9. When I got sick with asthma, the doctor gave me strong medicine that made me gain weight even when I didn't eat much. I was so ashamed so I started working out with Lilly . It has been a blast and I lost 20 pounds. Thank you so much Lilly

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