Bug-Out Bags, Accents, and Pudding. #TableTalk

Bug-Out Bags, Accents, and Pudding. #TableTalk

Meg, Steve, and Trish dive into the bowl and dig out some treasures just for you!

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28 thoughts on “Bug-Out Bags, Accents, and Pudding. #TableTalk”

  1. I liked Frozen well enough, but it bothers me that most kids/people seem to be all about Elsa when it's Anna who's the real hero of the movie. She had no special powers, abilities or even training, and yet went out into a howling storm trying to find her sister, didn't give up when said sister basically said "fuck off!" and was the one who finally got through to Elsa and showed her that love was the answer.

  2. I feel like people always just say "Southern" accent when really every region within each state has a different accent, Southen vs. Northern Texas, Gulf Coast Mississippi & Alabama vs Northern Alabama/Mississippi, Cajun Country, New Orleans , Florida, Georgia they are all different accents

  3. Steve, shame on you for calling "European" an accent. Unless you think Spanish, German, French, Russian and tons of other languages the same fuckin' accent, which I know you don't.

  4. Similar to how Meg can understand anyone from the South no matter how heavy of an accent is, I can do the exact same thing with Rhode Island and Boston accents. No matter how hard they drop that R you can still find it.

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