BTS star Kim Seok-jin’s latest military photos released

World famous Korean boy band BTS member Kim Seok-jin had his first military pictures released.

With his latest pictures released, the It’s Definitely You singer broke the internet, updating his millions of fans around the world that he is healthy and safe.

Kim enlisted in the South Korean Army for mandatory service in early December. The Astronaut singer in the military uniform gave a subtle smile, in a military buzz haircut.

Kim was also seen saluting with the rest of the trainers in a welcome ceremony for recruits in military boot camp.

His uniform read, “11th Division 2nd Platoon Team 5” along with his number 46, followed by his full name in Korean 김석진 (Kim Seokjin) and 92 — possibly his birth year, 1992.

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Kim enlisted on December 13 at the 5th Infantry Division recruit training centre in Yeoncheon County — a town near the tense border with North Korea — of Gyeonggi Province, entering the frontline South Korean boot camp.

After completing basic military training, Kim will serve as an active-duty soldier and would be given a specific role in a certain army unit. The 30-year-old BTS star will return from military camp service on June 12, 2024.

On the work front, Kim recently released a song The Astronaut in October 2022 with the English band Cold Play. 

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