Boy saves mother from major fall with quick reflexes video

A video of a young boy leaping into action to save his mother from a major fall with his quick reflexes is going viral on social media.

The viral video showed the woman standing on the ladder when it collapsed. He stood behind her immediately and reached for the ladder after hearing her shrieks. He called for help.

The boy lifted the ladder and placed it close to the woman’s legs. She was able to get hold of the ladder and avoid a major injury.

The video won hearts of social media users. They praised the child’s actions with their comments.

It is not the first time that children have come to rescue in life-threatening situations.

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A young boy in the Indian state of Kerala narrowly escaped being severally injured thanks to his brother’s heroic.

The incident captured on CCTV is of Kerala’s Malappuram district, in which the youngster can be seen falling head first from the terrace of his house. Luckily, his elder brother was downstairs washing the terrace of the house, and caught him before he hit the ground.

The clip went viral after it was telecast on several regional TV channels.

The younger brother was quickly back on his feet. But the older one, who bore the brunt of the fall and his sibling’s weight, took some time to get back to his feet.

According to reports, neither of the siblings were injured in the incident.


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