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Book Review for: Innocent Deception

Book Review for: “Innocent Deception”
Written by: Tami Dee
Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61252-085-8
Avail as eBook only
5 Stars

Dee pens a suspenseful tale fraught with lies, greed, betrayals, and love with “Innocent Deception.” Since the night Ceana and Sorsha were born, lies have dictated the path their lives have taken. When Scotland’s Silent Scourge must take a wife, will something finally good come out of a lifetime of deception?

The story opens in Scotland, 1030 AD. It’s a tough time with Viking raiders attacking the coast, and surviving depends more on a man’s fists than kindness. The night Ceana and Sorsha are born, the twins are separated from their mother. Sorsha is raised as the laird’s legitimate daughter while Ceana is forced to serve as her maid. Several miles away, at the MacLean Castle, the laird does not find favor with his legitimate first born son, favoring his illegitimate son. After a night of heavy drinking, the laird beats his wife within an inch of her life. Secretly, she sneaks away to her father’s estates to keep herself, and her sons, safe.

Royal Ethan MacLean finds safety with his mother’s family. He grows into a strong, strapping lad, earning the reputation of the Silent Scourge of Scotland for his fierce fighting skills and his silence. Ethan, however, is quiet for a reason. He suffers from a stuttering problem.

Ethan is forced into taking a wife when Sorsha’s family kidnaps his brother, Sionn, holding him hostage until the wedding. Reluctantly, Ethan agrees.

Sorsha and her maid, Ceana, are escorted to Ethan’s home, by Diarmard, Ethan’s cousin. During the escort, Diarmard discovers Sorsha’s temperament is despicable and her behavior toward Ceana is abusive. When Sorsha has an accident and “dies,” Diarmard concocts a plan to save Ceana’s life. Will Ceana’s innocent deception save hers and Sionn’s life or result in bloodshed?

Dee weaves a tight, fast-paced plot which will surprise the reader and keep them guessing. The dialogue brings a nice authenticity to the story. The descriptions allow the reader to picture Ceana’s world without lingering.

Both Ceana and Ethan have obstacles to overcome. Ceana has to learn how to deal with her shyness due to Sorsha’s abuse. Her inner strength is something to be admired. Ethan discovers that at times kindness is a better way to handle a problem than with his fists. His perseverance and loyalty are qualities that bring out the heroism in him. The supporting cast is interesting as each learns to deal with deception in their own way.

The love scenes are sensual, hinting at an emotional intimacy deeper than the physical. “Innocent Deception” will have the reader on the edge of their seat wanting to learn about Ceana’s ultimate fate. The story promises to linger long after the reader puts it down.

Reviewed by: S. Burkhart

Source by Steph Burkhart

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