Bono Takes The Colbert Questionert, Part 1

Bono Takes The Colbert Questionert, Part 1

If you don’t know his favorite action movie, or what he thinks happens when we die, do you really know rock legend Bono? Find out in this edition of The Colbert Questionert, and keep watching for Part 2 of Stephen Colbert’s deep-dive into the mind of a music icon. #Colbert #Bono #TheColbertQuestionert #U2 #Surrender

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21 thoughts on “Bono Takes The Colbert Questionert, Part 1”

  1. "The SPOTTED Paparazzi" -!!😄😂~🤣 Denmark Cheese to Dead Fucking Parrots-!!, … John Cleese COULDN'T have said IT any better-!! "Ha Hah-! Great Balls of Fucking Fire"-!!🔥 [ No,no BONO, ~ it's Not a good idea to Buzz the COLBERT Liquor Tower-!🤗 ] ~😘

  2. Anything with Liam Neeson in it-!!

    Oh, you mean those 3-Word kinda Movies Titles like – "Above The Law", "Hard To Kill", "Marked For Death", "Out For Justice", … Which only get WORSE, when they REDACT to just 2 Words, like Under Siege & Exit Wounds-!!

    Yeah, & I'll just bet ya BONO, – that you're also a big SEAMUS Seagal Fan TOO-!! 🤣 … That's OK, cause COLBERT will tell you Himself, that All 'Colbert-Watchers' – ARE, In Fact-! And That's 'This GODS' ' TRUTH-!!😄😂🤣 … In the Immortal Words of ALF ~ "Just Kidding, -Hah-!" 🤗


    Bono's [like Sting] a Good Sport-! Granted, I'm sure Über Cash Helps💰, but these fellows mentioned got to where they are now, because they had Good Heart, money or no money, etc. That, and amongst other unmentioned things, not least of all LUCK!!

    Yes I believe You Probably CREATE Much Of Your Own Luck #TheLuckFactor #MaxGunther . But if I remember correctly, just to cite Max [ & my Own Observations too-!], there's – Also, – A Certain UNEXPLAINABLE quotient, that is Beyond Belief (… & to quote Mr. Deepak Chopra), which is "God Forbid -WHAT CAN ONLY BE DESCRIBED as GOD", or an Agency of Such, -that we term GOD! … 🤔

    (What You Talkin' 'Bout, Willis?-!!🤨)

  3. @5:305:55 'The Colbert-Hewson' Bible Class-! … Trading Scriptural Barb's 😄😂 ~🤗.

    Me? – I guess I'm just one of those Eternally Wandering Pagans, – cause I've had some ShitHouse Neighbours, – That I Could Never Love, – Like My Brother! [Whom, IN REALITY, -never meant that much to Me; Not even the ½ of him that came from the same 'Oven' as Me-!! … But then again, my Sister who came from both 'Factories' that BEGAT Me, I've never been close to either!! So if it's all the same to Stephen & Paul, I'll just skip the Sunday School-!!🏫 …⚛️☯️

  4. @5:33 … Stephen… You know what I'm about to say, – that You're Just Gonna HAVE TO DO – Live 2 Air, … In your Regulator Spectacles – you'll have to have some Colored Glass in them to match you Guests' Flamboyance, …

    When Bono or Gaga show up in Green, Red, or Blue Lenses, … you stop the conversation, take off Your Regular Glasses, -& from beneath the desk, pull out a carbon copy of your regulars, – But With COLORED LENSES, matching your Guests, – AND TAKE THE PISS OUT OF THEM-!! Ha-Hah-!!😆

    Hope to see you do this soon-!!😁😄😆🤣… …🤓

  5. Saw U2 in the 80's at a tremendous show Wynonna Judd was in the audience and came onstage to sing one song with the band. Even after that, it was probably the best live concert I ever saw out of 100's. It was the "Joshua Tree" tour.

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