Bleach: Fade to Black REACTION | Bleach Movie 3

Bleach: Fade to Black REACTION | Bleach Movie 3

Bleach: Fade to Black REACTION | Bleach Movie 3

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35 thoughts on “Bleach: Fade to Black REACTION | Bleach Movie 3”

  1. Tite Kubo's original idea was that every Shinigami has firearm weapons like Stark Espada 1 for example, Rukia was the only character what supposedly should have a scythe, cool that they used the Rukia scythe idea in this movie!

  2. The fact that Kenpachi knew someone was messing with his head just show how lethal his senses are

    BOTH yachiru and Kenpachi sought of have a sixth sense that is why Aizen did not want to fight him, cause he knew this freak would somehow see through his shikai

  3. 20:36 There was a meme back when clips of this moment made it to YouTube in the early 2010's. Captains climb up to the top of the stairs.
    Yamamoto: "Alright, everyone! Release your spiritual pressure at the count of 3!!"

    38:23 When you finish the TYBW and if we get the novels animated, you'll find out why.

    38:43 This is the moment that made this my Favorite Bleach Movie.

    Also the ending song of this movie IS FREAKING AMAZING!!

  4. I mean the whole 1st part of Bleach is a conflict between Kisuke Urahara and Sosuke Aizen. Ichigo just happened to get caught up in it!
    Which is why it was only right that Urahara landed the finishing blow on Aizen. This is the first anime I have seen where the mc just got dragged into the conflict and had no actual beef against the villain!

  5. This is the best Bleach movie by a pretty wide margin. It has the most interesting plot, the best Kenpachi scene, the best Ichigo bankai (with THE VOCAL NUMBER ONE YOOOO FINALLY ITS BACK) and some neat stuff like Kisuke back in his old outfit. It even had an actual reveal. Anime-onlys saw Shuhei's shikai in this before it appeared in the anime. Wild.

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