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Blackberry 8110 Pink – A New Rocking Mobile Phone

Rock yourself with a new mobile phone Blackberry 8110 Pink that has been introduced by the Carephone Warehouse. This mobile phone is released in pink color in UK for the first time. This shinny handset matches with the style and attitude of people of all ages.

The smart Blackberry 8110 Pink mobile phone has all the advanced and latest features that can wow people easily. Click and record the high quality pictures and videos through this 2-mega-pixel camera. The other features of this beautiful mobile phone are Quad Band, video recording, expandable memory, games and voice dial.

Half QWERTY keyboard is one of the best design and style that lets the mobile phone look slim and elegant. A shinny trackball just below the screen makes this mobile more beautiful. These inbuilt features help the user to operate the handset smoothly and comfortably.

This smart Blackberry 8110 Pink mobile is capable to Wi-Fi. It means a person can access the Internet easily in the areas like home, coffee shop, hospitals, flights etc. The users can store the email addresses up to a limit of 10. The instant messages like Google talk and Yahoo Messenger are also included so that the user can contact with distant friends, relatives and clients within minutes.

Why should a person circle his life around work only? Carry this handset for other purposes also. Watch movie clips and listen your favorite songs in this sexy Blackberry 8110 Pink mobile. If you are bored of listening and viewing the same files again and again, then change the stuff completely. Update the other interesting data with the Blue tooth and USB cable devices. These technologies transfer and receive the mobile stuff from other mobiles, computers and laptops easily.

This mobile phone weighs just 91 grams, which includes other features also. Text messages, GPS, contact book, reminders, alarm clock, blackberry maps are some of its basic characteristics. Without these basic features, mobile phone is of no use to anyone.

Hold your breath and get this bright Blackberry 8110 Pink mobile phone quickly, if you find it suitable for your pocket and attitude.

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